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FIND, ENGAGE and DESTROY! The Media Got What they Wanted!

After reading over some of the submissions to the air wave councils many of the “shock jock” radio shows have declared it’s “straight talk” opinion journalism “will challenge viewers to think – and decide – for themselves,” echoing Fox’s slogan of “we report, you decide.”   What this says to me is they will not change their ways until a group of us “make that change”.

It seems clear that in a globalized, increasingly unregulated world, the protection of Michael Jackson, the under privileged and children is going to rely increasingly on the vigilance of media-aware parents, public pressure from listeners and professional groups, and the responsiveness of a responsible media sector.  I know the latter is a stretch but we as listeners can do something about these radio and TV shows who slander and belittle people who have no voice. We must start speaking out NOW! Slander should be taken seriously and we must have the fortitude to stop it.

SLANDER: Words falsely spoken that damage the reputation of another

ASPERSION: An abusive attack on a person’s character or good name

DEFAME: Charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good name and reputation of someone

All were done and are continually being done to Michael and others.  The philosophy of the airwaves were and still are:


It is sad that the media finally got what they wanted and continue to do so!

A tweet, a letter and or a reply can make a difference when we see an injustice done in articles, on TV and the radio.  Please we can “make that change” but it must start with us.


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