Dancing with Michael Jackson by Toni Bowers Baltimore and its discontents


MUST READ – Dancing with Michael Jackson by Toni Bowers
Baltimore and its discontents- –

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An amazing review/article has just been written by LA Review of Books – Bower’s look at the current racial inequities being highlighted in America’s legal system and how it relates to the way Michael Jackson was treated.  It is very much worth a read and SHARE —  the more the world is awakened to the injustices meted out on Michael Jackson the more they might realize why it happened and what was the reasonings behind it.

Excerpt –

“I asked a 20-something friend what he thought of Michael Jackson’s music: do kids still dance to it? My friend’s response was instructive. “Great music,” he said, “but when someone got up to what he did with little children, he’s better forgotten.” I was stunned. Is it possible? After one of the most expensive and intensive trials…

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Citizen Journalism: You Can Change the World

dancing with the elephant

Willa:  This week I am so excited to be joined by D.B. Anderson, author of two of the most popular articles in our Reading Room. “The Messenger King: Michael Jackson and the Politics of #BlackLivesMatter” is an opinion piece published by The Baltimore Sun that places Michael Jackson’s activism within the context of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. And “Sony Hack Re-ignites Questions about Michael Jackson’s Banned Song” is a self-published article that went viral, becoming the most popular independent post in all of Gawker Media for 2014 – and it wasn’t even published until mid-December. Thank you so much for joining me, D.B.!

D.B.: Thank you so much for having me, Willa! I’ve been reading Dancing with the Elephant for a long time and I always walk away with new insights, so it’s quite an honor to be here myself.

Willa:  Oh, it’s an honor to talk with you. And your…

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Michael Was Right, Someone Was After His Catalog. What If It Wasn’t Sony Corp.?


NOTE from MJJJP- There are a few people in the fan base who question the legitmacy of the legal executors of Michael Jackson’s Estate. They often make claims that John Branca and John McClain have illegally usurped the power and even go so far as to claim they are complicit in Michael’s death. We all know that Michael did speak of a “conspiracy” prior to his demise but just who was/is involved in it, is a mystery.  Michael Jackson was surounded by wheeler dealers his whole life and had many people, with their own self-aggrandizing agendas whispering in his ears. Who could he really trust?  Who was protecting him and who was using him?  The information, quotes, comments, opinons and clarifications below have been sent to MJJJP from a MJ fan Twitter Account – ItsBlackItsWite–  Their wish is to present this information and let the Michael Jackson fanbase come…

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The King of Music Poll: Sham/Scam/Flim Flam?


KOM fansSince June 2009, there have been many voting polls from various music websites trying to determine questions such as  NME’s “Who was best vocalist?” – or Billboard’s “Who had Best Superbowl Show?” etc…   and usually Michael Jackson fans rally to pull their icon to the top. Fact is, the MJGlobal family is the  LARGEST Social Network in the world, bar none.  When we are polarized we get it done- Except of course when polls are rigged –

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.09.11 AMAfter observing suspicious activities on thekingofmusic.com voting site a group of Admins from various Michael Jackson support groups formed a task force to observe, analyze and determine if the site itself was legitimately seeking and tallying votes or a just a shill for some other enterprise.  Our findings are as follows:

Mid February 2015, a mysterious site appeard entitled The King of Music … only thing on it was a Poll ……

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THE MISSING BED in Wade Robson’s crime story

Wade Robson is a LIAR!

Vindicating Michael

We are comparing Robson’s complaint, containing fictitious allegations against Michael Jackson, with his own and his mother’s and sister’s testimonies at the 2005 trial. Up till now the process helped us to discover that everything Robson said about his so-called abuse – and I really mean everything – is a fake.

Indeed, the story of a start and continuation of “abuse” allegedly during his first visit to the US and MJ’s Neverland has turned out to be a silly and outrageous lie from its very beginning to end. Pure lies like that seldom occur but Robson’s papers are a rare exception to the rule – the story told by him is a 100% lie.

Due to the abundance of lies the restoration of the truth is a long process and has already taken two posts (see here and here please), and up till now we have only reached point…

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“Black HIStory” (Or, Why I Think Black People Need To Re-Introduce Themselves to Michael Jackson”)

Confessions of a Crazy MJ Fan

Settle in, Loves…. This is about to be one bumpy ride.

I did not plan to write this particular blog for Black History Month, but three happenings I witnessed on social media pretty much forced my hand. Given the nature and source of these incidents, I thought this month might be perfect after all.

The first of these incidents was an African American artist’s “imagining” of how Michael would have looked today had he lived past 50 and without the effects of plastic surgery or vitiligo. The other was a vicious string of disrespectful, mean, and misinformed comments under a photo of Michael on a predominantly African American R&B page on Facebook. The third strike was a person who thought it was a good idea to post a question that asked if the members of this particular page felt “Michael Jackson should have gotten therapy in the 70’s before his…

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Monster’s Witches and Michael Jackson’s Ghost by Willa Stillwater (Popular Musicology)

Please read this excellent article by Willa Stillwater.  Share and repost wherever you can.  Important information of Michel Jackson and the truth…  http://www.popular-musicology-online.com/issues/02/stillwater.html (source:  Popular Musicology)

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Those Sony emails are none of your business: Why the Guardians of Peace hack is just another violation of privacy

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Bryton McClure – “God Bless my friend, Michael Jackson…”


Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 9.53.08 AMWho is in the pic with Michael ~ actor Bryton McClure. A wonderful interview with Bryton now 26, who shares his memories of Michael, his times with Michael and his stays at Neverland.

Bryton met Michael when he was 5 yrs old. With Raven Simoné he was invited to give Michael the Artist of the Year at NAACP Awards in 1993. He also sang on the chorus of ‘What More Can I Give’ and appeared with other artists at the United We Stand Concert with Michael. He has also appeared on stage with Michael during concerts. Bryton was also asked by Michael to be a representative for his Heal the World Foundation.

[From the age of 3 -7, Bryton played Richie Crawford on the ABC/CBS sitcom Family Matters. He currently plays Devon Hamilton on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless.He guest starred on the drama The…

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Three Stooges (Dimond, Gutierrez, and Allen)

Turning the Table on the Chandler Allegations

In 1995 I was working for NBC News on the OJ Simpson story. “The murders were ‘94 and trial ‘95,” a network journalist named Lydia told me. “Victor was in LA and used to visit the Burbank studios, “she said. Explaining that shows like, “Hard Copy had deep pockets and the networks don’t pay.” Victor Gutierrez always used to come around with,” stuff on Michael and at that time nobody cared because OJ was the story. It was always somebody guard or employee that came out of the woodwork.”

But the networks refusal to buy his stories didn’t deter Gutierrez– who admittedly made a bulk of his income selling stories on Jackson. All he needed was a sensational story to capture some attention, even if he invented one about a phantom video tape. “I know at the time he sold that story he (Victor) needed money. He never thought it…

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