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A Call To Arms UK MJ Fans… The Felon is set to be on a UK Reality Show!

A call to arms to all our UK MJ Fam and fans from across the world.   Conrad Murray The Murderer has come out of the woodwork and is set to appear on “I’m A celebrity, get me out of here!” in the UK. The felon will be compensated for being on this show you can be sure and his “celebrity” status is purely based on the fact that he murdered the most famous man on the planet, Michael Jackson.Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 3.49.36 PM

He will receive blood money from his new book about Michael and from his appearances on television promoting this fictitious book full of disgusting lies. His new publicist and manager Australian Max Markson, is  being glib in his conversations about the felon’s book and this TV show.  He is being promoted not only the UK, but around the world.  This murderer also wants to get his Physician’s license back, please read MJ Justice P’roject’s post here to get involved.

We need to go full force against ITV, who produces “I’m a Celebrity…” We are asking you to write, tweet, and make phone calls to stop this murderer from appearing on this show and making money from the death of Michael Jackson. We need to arm ourselves with knowledge, the truth and respect remembering that we our fighting for Michael. Let’s get this done TOGETHER! Let’s be Michael’s voice!

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 3.55.57 PMHere is the info to contact  ITV UK and some very basic information on the company. Please click on the links provided for the information.

ITV Studios (formerly ITV Productions and originally Granada Productions, the in-house production arm of Granada Television) is a television production company owned by the British television broadcaster ITV Pic.

It not only makes programmes primarily for its parent company, but also for other networks such as the BBC and Channel 4.

To comment or complain about any ITV programmes or services, please send an email to ITV Viewer Services at

The team can also be contacted via telephone on 0344 88 14150 (option four)

The London Television Centre, Upper Ground, London, SE1 9LT      Tel: +44 20 7157 3000

twitter account @ITV


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“The Man Is Innocent. Always Was” – 10 years Later

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.02.18 PM“I truly believe the media thought they could spin their way to a verdict.” – Tom Meserau

Ten years ago today, June 13, 2005, Michael Jackson was exonerated, vindicated, and finally given his long awaited justice for the years of hell he was put through during the decade long pursuit by Santa Barbara District AttorneyTom Sneddon.

Michael walked free after a Santa Maria jury, who after three months of testimony found him NOT GUILTY of fourteen charges which could have brought him 20 years in prison. The jury deliberated for over 30 hours over 7 days before reaching their verdict. When it became clear that the jury had found that prosecutors had not proved their case against him dabbed his eyes with a tissue and Susan Yu began sobbing quietly.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.00.16 PM

I remember watching the fans outside the courtroom, their silence was deafening but their prayers were answered as the court clerk began to read the verdicts at 2:13 p.m.  When word of the verdict was heard by the several hundred Jackson fans who were gathered outside the courthouse they screamed in approval, hugged one another and were overcome with joy. Joy in the fact that what we, the fans, knew all along -Michael was an innocent man.

Michael’s innocence remains an important part of history both ethically and journalistically. This trial proved how the media continually saturated the public with falsehoods and innuendos. The judge did not allow cameras in the courtroom, the “journalists” had a field day reporting whatever they wanted in an effort to win ratings, hence the trial became a three ring circus. A prime example of this manipulation was the morning Michael hurt his back and went to the hospital. He was warned by the judge if he did not appear in court, bail would be revoked. He had to rush to court in whatever he was wearing. His pajama bottoms became a media feast. But, they had no bearing on the trial or verdict, It was dubbed “Pyjama Day” and pictures of Michael in his pyjama bottoms were spread across tabloids, newspapers and TV, they had a field day with it even though it later it became known that not one juror even noticed Michael’s pants, or lack thereof. Jay Leno even parodied it on The Tonight Show and he was a future witness at the time.

This case was tabloid overload and the media did everything in their power to push the public into believing that Michael was guilty before the trial had begun. I remember seeing the cameras, the trucks, the wiring, the tents in front of that court room and thought to myself… “my God this Michael is a human being not a man in a freak show.”

To understand how huge this was for media ratings, review this layout of the media carnival that descended on the courthouse and how the over 1000 journalists logistically provided around the clock reporting during the trial.


It had to take Michael being acquitted on all charges for the circus to close. The tents came down, the cameras shut down and the so called “journalists” ate crow while quickly slithering away like snakes crawling under their rocks. It was not the story they professed it to be, it was not the outcome they wanted it to be. Michael’s innocence prevailed and still prevails. Ten years later it’s those NOT GUILTY verdicts that resonate throughout the world, in our hearts and most of all in history.

“The man is innocent always was” – Tom Meserau

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MJ Fans United in Support of Xscape

Via AndJustice4Some:


Michael Jackson fans around the world wish to express their excitement and extend their support for the upcoming album Xscape, due to be released May 13, 2014. The unprecedented worldwide charting at #2 on iTunes from pre-ordering in a mere two days after the announcement from Epic Records, clearly demonstrates that the power of Michael’s music has not diminished in his absence. We are thrilled that Michael’s magical artistry is once again at the forefront of cutting edge music and wait with eager anticipation for never before heard demos, as well as the finished songs by some of his most ardent admirers and musicians. Fans certainly recognize that these previously unreleased tracks will serve as an introduction to a new generation of fans, and also a reminder to veteran fans of the unparalleled body of musical genius Michael has left behind. Our continued love and support is also extended to Michael’s beloved children, Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson. It is through his children and posthumous releases such as Xscape, that Michael Jackson’s legacy will live forever.

Pre-Order Xscape-Deluxe Edition
United States:
If you own a blog or fan site, and would like to add your logo in support of Michael’s upcoming album, XScape, send your logos to  We will add your logos as fast as we can. 







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TMZ and Michael Jackson Fans

MJ Truth Now

Do you ever notice how headlines contain Michael Jackson’s name even if only one small thing was said about negative. There are those who seek to profit from Michael’s name regardless of truth and the media is a willing participant. It was with dismay this month that when I opened my Twitter and Facebook accounts, my timeline/newsfeed was littered with Michael Jackson fans sharing links to TMZ about a story claiming that DNA evidence proved that Brandon Howard was Michael’s son. The next day, my timeline/newsfeed was full of links to a TMZ story that claimed the DNA tests were bogus.

The Michael Jackson fan community is millions strong throughout the world and we are hungry for information about him. But, we are complicit in spreading tabloid and “lamestream” media garbage about Michael throughout cyberspace. We complain about the stories but we willingly spread the links to TMZ and other tabloid…

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Part 2 Bogus DNA – Brandon Howard & “Gepetto Jackson” Matchstick Men


Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 4.41.17 PM Part 2 of our expose on the Bogus Brandon Howard DNA reports,  this part will be dedicated to having a look back to see where this idea to become Michael Jackson son all began.

“What’s going on here? It’s an individual who learned to perpetrate a great scam and is not giving up on it,” said DiSpagna. (See full report by HankPhillipi below)

How are Brandon Howard and Gepetto Jackson connected and why are they perpetuating the same “I am son of a famous Jackson, but I never said it outright” scam?

A little history to start – In October 23 2007, Brandon Howard had worked with Lupe Fiasco and produced Fiasco’s Kick, Push II.  Important to note, prior to June 2009, Brandon never insinuated or proffered the idea, either by allowing others to assume or assert it for him or by changing his appearance and behavior, that he was…

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BOGUS – DNA proves Brandon Howard to be Michael Jackson’s Son


BeGin Post

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 5.33.52 AM

About 4hrs ago TMZ posted a “Shocker”. They realized that their own story revealing DNA evidence that Brandon Howard is Michael Jackson’s biological son was BOGUS.

No big surprise there, as we and many other dedicated researchers in the MJGlobal family were highly skeptical of the way the whole reveal was handled publicly. Twitter was a buzz with discussion regarding the credibility of such a test being performed on a “30 yr old dental impression” and Brandon Howard’s half-assed denial that he knew nothing about comparing his DNA to Michael Jackson.

It was clearly a PR stunt gone horribly awry and with little conscientious thought to how it would affect Michael Jackson’s three children.

But Who can we credit for this false story going round the world in five minutes ?

TMZ, Alki David, Corey Feldman, Dr. Johnny Goodman  AND Brandon Howard

We can expect that Harvey Levin…

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The Price of Fame

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 12.37.02 PMWhen interviewed via fax by Glen Palkin in August 1992 Michael was asked about one of his reflections from his book “Dancing the Dream” called “Trust” and if he felt imprisoned by his fame.

“Yes. Fame can be imprisoning. But the best part of being Michael Jackson is that I know I can interact with millions of people: and in that interaction we exchange something.”

Which is….

“Love.  It is exhilarating. It is magic. “

Michael talks about fame and the difficulties of it many times in many songs.  The one that stands out to me the most is of course, “The Price of Fame”  and in particular:

I am the cover of the magazine, what a scene
They know my every do’s
“Just sign your name on the dotted line, you’ll be fine.”
That always bothers me
Get in your car, you wanna take a ride, look behind
Someone is following you
You try to get away, you turn real fast, but too bad
They know your every move!

My father always told me
You won’t live a quiet life
If you’re reaching for fortune and fame
I feel the pressure setting in, I’m living just to win
I bleed all this pain, don’t you ever complain!

Michael accepted his fame, but yet again he wanted his privacy. Alas he was never to reach that which he so strived for but at least we can feel at peace knowing that MJ knew he fans loved him and he felt that from us.

God bless you Michael and now you are free of the lunacy and that “Price of Fame”.

Source: Michael Jackson The Maestro: The Definitive A-Z Of His Life & Times by Chris Cadman

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Pedarazzi Must Stop – ET Gets the Ball Rolling #NoKidsPolicy

Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell and her husband, Parenthood actor Dax Shepard, are joining with other stars to take action against photographers who take pictures of celebrities’ children without consent. Now, ET is joining forces with Kristen and Dax and has agreed to not air these photos or videos. Watch the video…

Since the birth of their daughter, Bell and Shepard have been vocal on this topic and decline interviews with media outlets known to purchase images from the paparazzi. Both actors have passionately campaigned, especially through their personal social media platforms, to motivate others and bring more attention to this cause. Media outlets using images celebrities post on their own social media platforms or of children attending red carpets and media events are not the issue. By joining forces, ET and the couple hope that additional press outlets will follow their lead. ET’s sister show, The Insider independently adapted the “no kids” policy after meeting with Bell.


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Michael Jackson and Unfair Journalism – Vanity Fair

 Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 10.32.48 AMBy now many of you will have read the Vanity Fair interview on February 4, 2014 with BJ Novak and will have noticed the manner in which Andrea Cuttler conducts the interview. I have pasted the content of the interview below for convenience. Please read the interview again and note the questions she asks. It appears she has her own agenda and is more focused on digging for dirt on Michael Jackson than listening to what Novak is trying to say. This is typical for magazines/tabloids to get hits (with the use of Michael Jackson’s name). Please consider contacting the editor to question both Ms Cuttler’s motives and unprofessional approach and VF’s apparent continued attempts to perpetuate the negative meme attached to Michael’s name by the media. Please state your case calmly and eloquently but do not make emotional protests about Michael’s innocence, just point out the unfairness of the presentation to make your point heard. Please share your emails here to inspire others. The Editor’s name is Graydon Carter and you can contact him here

BJ Novak Peaked at 12 When He Met Michael Jackson /Vanity Fair by Andrea Cuttler

Since departing The Office less than one year ago, actor B. J. Novak has landed a supporting role in this winter’s Saving Mr. Banks, executive-produced 17 episodes of The Mindy Project, and filmed a role in this summer’s sure-to-be blockbuster, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. On a blistery night in New York City, VF Daily sat down with the Harvard grad at cozy East Village mainstay Gemma to discuss what might just be his most exciting project yet: his first book. On shelves this week, One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories is a collection of hilariously funny, often touching, sometimes absurd short stories.

VF Daily: You wrote for The Office, and you’ve been acting for so long. Was writing a book always something that you knew you wanted to do?

B . J. Novak: Yes and no. I always thought I would write a book someday, but I guess I didn’t expect it to turn out like this. Mindy [Kaling] wrote a book and told me, I want you to write a book and I don’t want you to wait until you’re 80. But it is not a natural instinct of mine to be personal. I feel I have a lot of interesting ideas, but I don’t feel I’m that interesting. I enjoy expressing playful thoughts in stand-up comedy or Twitter, or any forum like that. And then suddenly, after I left The Office, I started having thoughts in premises that were too long for Twitter and too emotional for stand-up. They were comic ideas, but I really wanted to see them through in a different way.

And when they’re not personal experiences, how do the ideas typically come to you?

During my years on The Office, I kept little pocket notebooks and I wrote down every idea I had for something after The Office. Two years ago, I had two weeks off from The Office and I rented a house in Malibu, by myself. It was very lonely. I brought all of my notebooks and I transcribed every idea I had over eight years. It was this crazy intense experience. And I kind of had this fantasy, looking back, that all of those ideas would add up to a screenplay. When, in fact, it was like 190 different opening scenes, you know? It’s kind of worthless as a complete thing.

But, I really did like the ideas. I thought they’d be useful someday. And then when I started writing this book, I had the idea to go back. I started going through them chronologically, and any idea that made me smile, I tried to turn it into a story, and a lot of them are from that.

Was the goal always to write? Like when you were a kid, what did you dream of being?

When 90210 was popular, I wanted to be an actor, because I thought—and, it turns out, correctly—that people would treat me better. But then I saw Pulp Fiction and decided, like everyone that saw Pulp Fiction in the theater, that I wanted to be a filmmaker. I applied to Harvard . . . and I got in. I knew that the kids there wrote for The Harvard Lampoon if they wanted to be comedy writers, and I thought that’s close enough: Maybe if I write for The Harvard Lampoon, I’ll get a job on a comedy TV show and then it won’t be long before I could write a movie. So, that’s the thing that I wanted to do.

Now that we are years away from the show, do you still like when people come up and say, “I loved you in this”?

You know, I didn’t until recently. Now I like it.

Really? That’s interesting. Why didn’t you like it?

I think that I didn’t feel I had earned it. I didn’t feel I deserved it. It felt like, Well, you’re inflating a bunch of things in your head. You’re thinking how much Dwight made you laugh and how much one of Mindy’s scripts made you laugh, and you saw my name in the credits, and you thought that was me. So, I’m happy that you like The Office, but I’m not who you think I am. Now I’m relaxed, because that was kind of my main thing creatively and now it’s not.

Do you think you will ever do nonfiction?

Yes, at some point. I want to write the essay version of these stories.

I always wonder if there’s not something a tiny bit self-indulgent about writing nonfiction.

The way that I am personal is by not talking about myself. I started with a lot of one-liners, and a lot of people encouraged me to be more personal. This book was the most personal thing I could write. Ironically, it doesn’t feel personal when I write about my life, because some incredible things have happened to me in my life. When I was 10 years old, and I’ve told this story before, but my dad invited us to dinner in Massachusetts and Michael Jackson was there, and it was a very bizarre night.

What? You have to expand on that.

I will. I am happy to. But my point is that, while these are amazing stories that have happened, they don’t say anything. I’m not saying anything. I’m just describing what happened to me. So somehow, I’m less personal so far when I use the first person.

Right, interesting. So, tell me about the night with Michael Jackson.

The night with Michael Jackson? I was about 12 or 13 years old, and my father was writing a book with Michael Milken at the time. Michael Milken did some charity event with Michael Jackson. Michael Milken invited our family to Deepak Chopra’s house, where Milken and Michael Jackson were going to be, for some reason. We showed up to dinner, [with] like 20 people there. Michael Jackson’s not there. Kids were all told Michael Jackson was supposed to be there. And that’s a crazy thing to be told as a kid. O.K. , we’ll see. And this is like ’91. This is, you know, pre-scandal; this is Michael Jackson. Then a guy sweeps into the room, in a black hat and a red jacket, sunglasses.

No way. No way.

That’s what I thought. What kind of joke is this? He goes in the corner, very anti-social, doesn’t say a word. It’s time for dinner. There’s a kids’ table, an adults’ table. I say, “Mom and Dad, I want to be at the adults’ table, especially if one of the adults is Michael Jackson.” I’m told, “It’s not up to you, you’re going to be at the kids’ table.” I’m very upset, devastated. I sit at the kids’ table. Who’s next to me at the kids’ table? Michael Jackson.

No way.

Of course.

That’s a little creepy in retrospect.

In retrospect, perhaps. In retrospect, the whole thing is a little different. I report honestly that I never felt anything the least bit troubling. And I have a good radar.

For pedophiles?

I have a good radar for something being off. Nothing was off.

Except that he’s Michael Jackson.

So we eat in silence for the first two minutes. Every kid is too well behaved to ask him a question.

And are you sitting directly next to him?

I’m at the head of the table, I don’t know why. He’s right next to me. He says, “Do you like video games?” I said, “Sure.” He starts describing the arcade that he has at Neverland. Like Sonic the Hedgehog and stuff. Sega games.

Like Duckhunt.

Exactly. And then he pulls out CDs and says, “Do you guys like music?” And we’re thinking, Uh, yeah, and you’re Michael Jackson. He pulls out CDs and says, “I got these CDs the other day.” It’s Aerosmith and Kriss Kross. He says, “I went to the movies with Macaulay Culkin recently.” And we’re like, You don’t have to namedrop, you’re in. He’s really insecure. He doesn’t think he’s relevant to kids or something. He was trying to show us he was cool. We finish dinner, the Chopra kids say, “Let’s go play a game.” Mind you, this really happened. In Massachusetts. The one thing that didn’t happen in L.A.

This is crazy. I feel like when you’re done you’re going to tell me this was all a joke.

No, this happened. So we play Scattegories. My team loses; he wins. When he wins, he sings “We Are the Champions,” beautifully. Just to gloat. It’s gorgeous. Then he and the Chopra kids run upstairs, go in one of the bedrooms, doors are open. “Beat It” starts blasting. Someone says to me, “I wonder if he’s dancing.” I’m like, “Let’s go take a look.” We go upstairs, go into the room where “Beat It” is playing. Michael Jackson comes spilling out of the room giggling, slapping my shoulders, saying, “I didn’t put it on, I didn’t put it on.” The Chopra kids nod and say, “He put it on—he does this all the time.” That’s his joke. He blasts his own music and says, “I didn’t put it on.” And then it was time to go. I’m so shy, and you don’t ask for a picture in ’91. I didn’t ask for an autograph, because I had the experience. That’s why still, if I may say, that when people come up for a picture—someone that barely knows what show you’re on—and they say, “Can I have a picture?” It’s like, Are you kidding me? I was 11 years old, I had dinner with Michael Jackson, and I didn’t ask for shit. I experienced it.

So how did the night end? My heart is pounding.

He says to me . . . and again, I guarantee you, I felt nothing amiss—

Are you sure? Because you’ve said it seven times and I wonder if you’re overcompensating.

Well I’ve got to say it again before I tell you the last part. He says, “What are you doing tomorrow?” I said, “I’m going to school.” And he said, “Don’t go.” I said, “Why?” He said, “School’s no fun.” I said, “O.K., I’ll just tell them Michael Jackson told me not to go to school.” He thought I was the funniest motherfucker.

And look at you now.

And that was it.

That’s unbelievable.

Yeah, it’s unbelievable. I promise you. So my life has had some very interesting twists and turns, but nothing like that. I was done at 12.

You peaked at 12.

It’s awesome that I’ve worked with Tom Hanks. It’s awesome. But I have not since been told by Michael Jackson not to go to school. So that would be a really good essay, but then what? Where would I go from there?

Yeah, I would probably just stick to fiction.

Nothing can top that. But I do think fiction is stranger than truth. I know people say the opposite. But what if I told you that same story and said, “And then a dragon came and ate us all.” Then it’s fiction, and it’s even more interesting. Fiction is way stranger. That’s the only way to top reality.


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The Invincible Signing Event – A Line of Love

Virgin Megastore - New York - 11/07/2001

Virgin Megastore – New York – 11/07/2001

It just so happens that today the “Invincible” album was certified double platinum in 2002.

It was a coincidence that just last night I watched the “Invincible” signing event in at the Virgin Megastore in New York just weeks after 9/11.  Michael wanted to show the support and once again, give what he could – himself – to the people of New York, the people who had been through so much during this horrible moment in history.  He wanted to lift them up and perhaps give them hope, something he always did for his fans when they needed him.

There were 500 fans in line and many times through the event, the coordinators would say “Michael we have only gone through 64 people, we have 500 in line, stop being so nice, I’ll be the bad guy”.  That was MJ, talking, shaking hands when asked and asking fans that were in tears if they were “okay”.  You could see he was tired and had a bad cold, but he sat for hours signing more than 500 CD covers as well as personal pictures etc.

What amazed me about this event was that he was there for so long, my understanding is longer than 2 hours, the most time spent by an artist signing CD’s and how he treated the fans that were waiting.  There were a few that pulled on my heart-strings, one young man who was a large man, you could see it was difficult for him to walk, let alone stand for 2 hours in line and while Michael was signing CD cover after CD cover he looked about this man and smiled at him, shook his hand and said, “hey, how are you, what’s your name?”  Michael signed the CD specifically to him and the young man thanked him and walked away.  Michael kept signing for the next fan, but kept looking up to see the man walk away.  He turned his head and whispered to Frank Cascio who was sitting behind him, “that makes me cry”.  I feel it  meant that this man waited in line for 2 hours to see him and it showed me how Michael appreciated it.  It showed me how much the fans and what they did for him meant to Michael. I was also taken by the number of men who were weeping and just wanted to shake his hand, I don’t know of any other celebrity that have that kind of draw and emotional pull with their fans.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 4.06.57 PMI urge everyone to watch the signing event and see the little things that MJ did; the child dressed up like Michael to a tee and see the look on his face as well as the appreciation he showed the mother for making the outfit; the girl who asked Michael to marry him and he put the ring on; the girl who had a belly button ring and he wanted to know how it was done, and if it hurt, and the girl who had the beautiful jacket with a picture of MJ on the back which he adored and wanted one for himself.  He interacted with as many fans as he could, I really think he would have talked to each and every one of his fans had the coordinators not pushed him to keep him on a timeline.

This event to me, epitomized what Michael was like to his fans, and how they interacted with him.  They loved him and he reciprocated ALWAYS.

You can watch part 1 of 8 parts beginning here

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