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A Call To Arms UK MJ Fans… The Felon is set to be on a UK Reality Show!

A call to arms to all our UK MJ Fam and fans from across the world.   Conrad Murray The Murderer has come out of the woodwork and is set to appear on “I’m A celebrity, get me out of here!” in the UK. The felon will be compensated for being on this show you can be sure and his “celebrity” status is purely based on the fact that he murdered the most famous man on the planet, Michael Jackson.Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 3.49.36 PM

He will receive blood money from his new book about Michael and from his appearances on television promoting this fictitious book full of disgusting lies. His new publicist and manager Australian Max Markson, is  being glib in his conversations about the felon’s book and this TV show.  He is being promoted not only the UK, but around the world.  This murderer also wants to get his Physician’s license back, please read MJ Justice P’roject’s post here to get involved.

We need to go full force against ITV, who produces “I’m a Celebrity…” We are asking you to write, tweet, and make phone calls to stop this murderer from appearing on this show and making money from the death of Michael Jackson. We need to arm ourselves with knowledge, the truth and respect remembering that we our fighting for Michael. Let’s get this done TOGETHER! Let’s be Michael’s voice!

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 3.55.57 PMHere is the info to contact  ITV UK and some very basic information on the company. Please click on the links provided for the information.

ITV Studios (formerly ITV Productions and originally Granada Productions, the in-house production arm of Granada Television) is a television production company owned by the British television broadcaster ITV Pic.

It not only makes programmes primarily for its parent company, but also for other networks such as the BBC and Channel 4.

To comment or complain about any ITV programmes or services, please send an email to ITV Viewer Services at

The team can also be contacted via telephone on 0344 88 14150 (option four)

The London Television Centre, Upper Ground, London, SE1 9LT      Tel: +44 20 7157 3000

twitter account @ITV


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How To File A Complaint Against UK Tabloids

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FALSE STORY: Blanket Jackson Sparks Concerns After Creating Revenge Based Animated Series Called Kill Them All

After the Daily Mail and Radar Online wrote a false story about Blanket Jackson creating a revenge series called “Kill Them All” see story here, the real creators of the series have released a press release from the production company relating the truth that Blanket was NEVER part of this series.  All it took was a little bit of researching on the part of these tabloids to get this story correct.  Daily Mail has now taken down the story, but other tabloid’s have just kept the lie rolling.  “It’s slander with the words you use,  you’re a parasite in black and white, do anything for news”

Monday, 06 January 2014 7:28 AM

“Prince Michael aka Blanket Jackson II has and has never had any connections with the KTAshow.

We, Morphline Pictures want to categorically state and deny the rumour spread by the Daily mail and other tabloids that Prince Michael Jackson II (“PMJ II”) has had or continues to have any connection with our show. PMJ II is an innocent 11 year old whom these tabloids are smearing with this false rumour.

“Kill Them All” is an animated series produced by Morphline Pictures and written by brothers “Prince” and “Michael” who used to work under the pseudonym “Prince Michael II” which is not connected to and has never been connected to PMJ II.

We, Morphline Pictures would like to take this opportunity to apologise to the Jackson Family especially Prince Michael for any harm this may have caused.”

Morphline Pictures

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Channel 5 focuses on MJ, Whitney And Anna Nicole Autopsies

As you may or not be aware  Channel 5 in the UK will begin airing the first of their new three one-hour documentaries called “Autopsy:  The Last Hour Of” beginning January 7, 2014 at 10:00 pm.   Channel 5 will begin with none other than Michael with the episode being  “Autopsy:  Michael Jackson’s Last Hours” on Tuesday,  January 7, 2014 at 10:00 p.m.  The description on their website is:

“In the first of three hour-long documentaries, world-renowned forensic pathologist Dr Richard Shepherd investigates the death of Michael Jackson, ‘The King of Pop’. He was the biggest-selling recording artist of all time, but when he suddenly died at just 50 years old, he left $400 million in debts and more questions than answers.

The evidence revealed by his autopsy shows a severely sick man. Jackson was plagued by complications from his many plastic surgeries, suffered from two rare skin conditions and was riddled with arthritis. His lungs were severely damaged, he had an enlarged prostate, and was still suffering the effects of a horrific accident that left him partially bald.

The most startling evidence, however, uncovers the bewildering number of drugs that were coursing through his veins, bearing witness to a number of addictions that had spiralled out of control. It was Jackson’s desperate battle against insomnia, however, that would ultimately cost him his life”.  You can read more here.

We know this is all lies and yet they air these falsehoods and continue to make money off the death of Michael Jackson.   We also are aware that no MJ fan will watch this but many others will due to their interest in anything Michael Jackson.  They believe what they see and hear and unfortunately will sop it up like sponges.

Anna Nicole SmithThe second episode will air on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 10:00 pm with the focus on  Whitney Houston and the third and final episode victim will be Anna-Nicole Smith  and it is still to be announced .  You can read all the gory details here  

I am urging everyone to show their support against these documentaries and tweet or email politely but effectively and let Channel 5 and the directors, executive producers, etc know that we will not allow our King and other innocents to be maligned once again

Contact info below:

Channel 5

Autopsy: The Last Hours Of . . . is produced for Channel 5 by Potato, part of ITV Studios

Customer Service Channel 5 email

Series Producers:  Ed Taylor & Michael Kelpie  All part of Potato (Production Label of ITV Studios)  ITV Studios

Series Producer is Duncan Bulling  email:

Series Director is James Tovell

General email for Channel 5

Director of Programmes

Remember There’s nothing that can’t be done, if we raise our voice as ONE ….

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Let’s Protest Against Denigration of Michael Jackson on Italian Newspaper ” LA STAMPA”

On january 25th 2013 the italian journalist Giampiero Maggio published an article in the italian newspaper called La Stampa talking about the story of a child who was exposed to violence by her step father for several years.
He put the famous picture of Michael Jackson, showing his son Blanket from the balcony of the hotel in Germany to his fans, in the middle of the page.
What is the meaning and the message of it? What does that have to do with the role of Michael Jackson as a father? He was the greatest entertainer in the world and the greatest humanitarian and we have to stop these lies.
Let’s”raise our voice as one” from all over the world, please write your thoughts and comments to these

via MJ JusticeProject

Thanking to Tiziana Schellino Jackson to inform us about this article.

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Once again Brazilian Host Disses MJ!

Stop the abuse!

A while back I posted a story about a Brazilian “TV Show host” slandering Michael on his show.  Here is the link.

Once again our fellow Brazilian MJ advocate has found that another Host has slandered Michael, but much worse. .Jô Soares has gone too far with his distasteful and degrading remarks.  She has told me they are much worse than before and has posted an open letter Mr. Soares here

I would like to take this opportunity to please ask all MJ fans to help @Lyn_bad, especially if you live in Brazil, write to this man asking for an on air apology, write to the station, the advertisers whatever you can do. Please tweet on your blogs, twitter, Facebook and help stop this disrespect toward Michael.  This will never end unless we unite and “raise our voice as one”

Thank you @Lyn-bad for all you do.


Art credit to the wonderful Mimi O’Garren for her artwork “Be God’s Glow”

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A Light at the End of the Tunnel? – LA Council Member Jan Perry Introduces Legislation to stop “Broadcasters” promoting slander

Kudos to Los Angeles Councilwoman Jan Perry who recently introduced legislation that calls upon media companies to ensure “on air hosts do not use and promote racist and sexist slurs” while broadcasting for a wonderful start to ebbing the constant airwave slander and abuse that goes on not only in the United States but globally every day.

Please read the article from the Huffington Post from March 21st below where  just three days after singer Whitney Houston passed away, KFI AM hosts John and Ken dismissed her as nothing more than a “crack ho.” Nearly one month later, the LA city council began to consider  whether to take an official stance against the slurs uttered that day


On March 23 the legislation was passed and it certainly seems that there is a “light at the end of the tunnel” and a beginning for these “shock Jocks” to think  before they speak about the deceased, the innocents and anyone else that cannot speak for themselves.


There have been many of these “broadcasters” all over the world who have taken aim at not only Whitney Houston, but also Michael Jackson.  One example is “The Dean Blundell Show” based in Canada who taken aim at the late Mr. Jackson, his children and his family.  Recently Kurt Loder of MTV News said that Mr. Jackson was a child molester.  Loder made the controversial statement on the “Jeff and Jeremy in the Morning” radio show on Tuesday, November 8, 2011.

“Stop Global Airwave Abuse” works with “Cadeflaw” a group that is attempting to pass a law that will stop the defamation of the deceased in the state of California.  Together we work in attempting to bring these people to the forefront and make a change on public airwaves.

“There’s nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voice as one” Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson Biography on iTunes Tabloid Junk

I was disturbed recently by the biography I read of Michael Jackson on iTunes while I was waiting to download MJ Immortal.  It is a very lengthy biography and it discusses Michael’s life in-depth but not in terms of what he did do for the world; his humanitarianism, his love for children and his craft but focussed on the turbulent times of his life, the 1993 allegations and the 2005 trial, plastic surgery and other nonsense.  It is disappointing that one cannot download music of Michael without reading the negative.  This is not a biography but another witch hunt and tabloid scheme to make people who are unaware of Michael’s life believe the worst.  I will be writing a letter to  iTunes and hope people will do the same.

Am currently finding out who writes the biographies for iTunes.


The Dean Blundell Show (Links to the Show)

After listening to The Dean Blundell Show you tube links below, I hope you will see why I am so enraged.  Please read the links provided below share them, and take action against this radio show and its station.  Write letters to the CSBC and The Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) regarding this and make your opinion known.  THIS MUST STOP!

  • Read about the Dean Blundell Show and see what kind of “guests” he has on his shows and what he represents.
  • Read about the sanctions against this show and remember that this morning show has been on for many years but did not have such hateful content until Blundell joined.
  • Please listen to the links that I have supplied in which Blundell has slandered Jackson, his children, and his fans.
  • Write and innundate Corus Entertainment, the CRTC and the CSBC with letters. This is the only way that something can be done about this radio show. Writing to Blundell is unproductive since, as you can see by the response he has written to one of my posts, he is totally unreasonable and disrespectful.

Please we must do this for Michael and for others who have been continuously slandered by these hateful people who, because they have microphones in their hands, think they can slander and speak untruths anytime they want.  This particular problem is a Canadian problem and we need Canadian MJ fans to assist in this endeavour.


  • CORUS ENTERTAINMENT  – Owner of CFNY / 102.1 The Edge (Contacts)

John Cassady

President and CEO

Corus Entertainment

25 Dockside Drive

Toronto, Ontario

M5A 0B5

Telephone: (416) 479-7000

Fax: (416) 479-7006

Chris Pandoff

Executive Vice-President and President, Corus Radio

Kathleen McNair

Executive Vice-President, Human Resources and Corporate Communications

Corporate Head Office

(Executive Chair, Corporate Secretary)

Corus Entertainment Inc.

630-3rd Ave SW, Suite 501

Calgary, Alberta

T2P 4L4

Telephone: (403) 444-4244

Fax: (403) 444-4242

This is the link for Corus Entertainment, what they are, the other stations they own, and the stations’ philosophies.

Regulates and supervises the broadcasting and telecommunications systems in Canada and then reports complaints to Parliament through the Minister of Canadian Heritage.

This is where you can make a broadcasting complaint to The Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and to whom to send your complaint.

The links provided below are daily recording of the “Dean Blundell show”. These shows are racist, hateful, cruel, and slanderous. No one is safe from his ridicule; whether it be Michael Jackson, the handicapped or an e-mail writer with an opinion on his remarks.

This is a link to recordings of The Dean Blundell shows that are on You Tube. They are all related to Michael Jackson from his death up to and including the recording made by Conrad Murray. The pictures that are related to the links are slanderous and demeaning.

If nothing else this blog should be banned from the Internet.

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The Dean Blundell Show and the Slander of Michael Jackson

“The Dean Blundell Show” has, for many years, slandered the handicapped and the less fortunate. Now Blundell has taken aim at Michael Jackson, his children, and his fans.

The Dean Blundell Show is the longest running morning radio show in the City of Toronto and  is heard nationally.  The call numbers of the station where this show airs is 101.2, The Edge (formerly CFNY).  Please click on the links below and listen to some of the comments made about some of the rational people that e-mailed him regarding his comments about Michael Jackson’s private life and the invasion of his privacy.

I have personally contacted Blundell with some true information regarding Michael Jackson and he responded with two words: “Eat Shit”.

An MJ fan who wrote a very respectful email to Mr. Blundell defending Michael was repeatedly bullied by Blundell and his “cast of characters” with his nasty emails.  She was extremely  patient and gave him facts after his disrespectful comments. He had far more choice words for her after she continued to question where he got certain information regarding Jackson.

Blundell read her email on air and proceeded to mimic and degrade her with his comments on October 3, 2011.   Please listen; beginning at 15:30 and hear what he had to say about her after defending Jackson.

To me this is not only about Michael Jackson, but people in general and the disrespect Blundell shows.  There is truly something wrong with a person who makes jokes about the dead and also degrades someone just because of her opinion.  He lacks, decency, morality and has no respect for human life.  No one is beyond his tackiness and dishonesty.


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