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The King of Music Poll: Sham/Scam/Flim Flam?


KOM fansSince June 2009, there have been many voting polls from various music websites trying to determine questions such as  NME’s “Who was best vocalist?” – or Billboard’s “Who had Best Superbowl Show?” etc…   and usually Michael Jackson fans rally to pull their icon to the top. Fact is, the MJGlobal family is the  LARGEST Social Network in the world, bar none.  When we are polarized we get it done- Except of course when polls are rigged –

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.09.11 AMAfter observing suspicious activities on voting site a group of Admins from various Michael Jackson support groups formed a task force to observe, analyze and determine if the site itself was legitimately seeking and tallying votes or a just a shill for some other enterprise.  Our findings are as follows:

Mid February 2015, a mysterious site appeard entitled The King of Music … only thing on it was a Poll ……

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