Part 3- DNA Bogus Brandon Howard – Behavior Speaks Louder than Words


Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 9.30.06 PMPart 3 and our last post regarding Brandon Howard – This post concentrates on the words and behavior of Brandon Howard, some Jackson family members and the people who are fronting this ruse surrounding his sudden “mystery” paternity. We will examine how he evolved from “just a family friend of the Jacksons” to suddenly this news bursting forth and the dubious claim that he is Michael Jackson’s son.

A little history – In her 2006 Wendy Williams interview,  although she doesn’t name him,  Miki Howard states that she has 2 kids with her “early lover”- August Johnson – transcribed on Lipstick Alley page 1, by “factor” 3-12-2014

Wendy: Are all 3 of your kids… speaking of relationships, all with the same man?

Miki: No, I have 2 fathers, a husband and a very early lover from 16-25; have 2 kids with him.

Starts at 3:15 

And later from 2009,  Miki…

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