TMZ and Michael Jackson Fans

MJ Truth Now

Do you ever notice how headlines contain Michael Jackson’s name even if only one small thing was said about negative. There are those who seek to profit from Michael’s name regardless of truth and the media is a willing participant. It was with dismay this month that when I opened my Twitter and Facebook accounts, my timeline/newsfeed was littered with Michael Jackson fans sharing links to TMZ about a story claiming that DNA evidence proved that Brandon Howard was Michael’s son. The next day, my timeline/newsfeed was full of links to a TMZ story that claimed the DNA tests were bogus.

The Michael Jackson fan community is millions strong throughout the world and we are hungry for information about him. But, we are complicit in spreading tabloid and “lamestream” media garbage about Michael throughout cyberspace. We complain about the stories but we willingly spread the links to TMZ and other tabloid…

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