The Price of Fame

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 12.37.02 PMWhen interviewed via fax by Glen Palkin in August 1992 Michael was asked about one of his reflections from his book “Dancing the Dream” called “Trust” and if he felt imprisoned by his fame.

“Yes. Fame can be imprisoning. But the best part of being Michael Jackson is that I know I can interact with millions of people: and in that interaction we exchange something.”

Which is….

“Love.  It is exhilarating. It is magic. “

Michael talks about fame and the difficulties of it many times in many songs.  The one that stands out to me the most is of course, “The Price of Fame”  and in particular:

I am the cover of the magazine, what a scene
They know my every do’s
“Just sign your name on the dotted line, you’ll be fine.”
That always bothers me
Get in your car, you wanna take a ride, look behind
Someone is following you
You try to get away, you turn real fast, but too bad
They know your every move!

My father always told me
You won’t live a quiet life
If you’re reaching for fortune and fame
I feel the pressure setting in, I’m living just to win
I bleed all this pain, don’t you ever complain!

Michael accepted his fame, but yet again he wanted his privacy. Alas he was never to reach that which he so strived for but at least we can feel at peace knowing that MJ knew he fans loved him and he felt that from us.

God bless you Michael and now you are free of the lunacy and that “Price of Fame”.

Source: Michael Jackson The Maestro: The Definitive A-Z Of His Life & Times by Chris Cadman

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