LIE:Horror show vendetta of Michael Jackson’s son ‘Blanket’ revealed in terrifying cartoon


Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 4.06.15 PMIvy from MJJCommunity researched this information in less that 10 minutes – Why can’t the tabloids do the same? Because they are LYING MACHINES-  They created and fabricated similar outrageous and false stories about Michael Jackson for decades and the public ate them up as truth.  Now, Michael Jackson’s children are under the same attack vitrolic attacks –  Please do not believe anything the Star, Mirror, or Radar Online prints as they do merely copy paste reporting and spread unfounded information for salacious affects

From Ivy_4mj

Here’s why Daily Star story about Blanket Jackson macabre online cartoon series story is WRONG..

After the tabloid story was published, I googled the “Kill them All” name and found IMDB page. The page listed creator as “Prince Michael II” – which probably started the confusion. IMDB page also listed “Prince A. Boakye” as the writer and ” Morphline Pictures” as the company behind…

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