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Dedicating The Dream: A Mission of Love

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 4.44.51 PM“Dedicating The Dream” is dedicated solely to sharing Michael Jackson’s message of Universal Love and personal truth through the global charitable distribution of his book, “Dancing The Dream” to schools, children’s hospitals, shelters, and other organizations, as well as to individuals who may not otherwise have the means to obtain it.If you would like to contribute books for distribution, or request books for individuals and/or organizations in your area, please contact Sirenlovesmj or visit the website.

Mission Statement:

Dedicating The Dream is committed solely to sharing Michael Jackson’s message of Universal Love and personal truth through the global charitable distribution of his book, “Dancing The Dream” to schools, children’s hospitals, shelters, and other organizations, as well as to individuals who may not otherwise have the means to obtain it.

Many books have been written about Michael, but “Dancing The Dream” are his feelings, his words, his life.  Please consider this worthwhile cause to the benefit others who have not read his beautiful words that came from his heart.

“I wrote a book called “Dancing The Dream”. It was more autobiographical than Moonwalker, which I did with Mrs. Onassis.   It wasn’t full of gossip and scandal and all the trash that people write so I don’t think people paid much attention to it, but it came from my heart.  It was essays, thoughts, things that I’ve thought about while on tour.  I’m not planning to write another book anytime soon.” – Michael Jackson

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The Invincible Signing Event – A Line of Love

Virgin Megastore - New York - 11/07/2001

Virgin Megastore – New York – 11/07/2001

It just so happens that today the “Invincible” album was certified double platinum in 2002.

It was a coincidence that just last night I watched the “Invincible” signing event in at the Virgin Megastore in New York just weeks after 9/11.  Michael wanted to show the support and once again, give what he could – himself – to the people of New York, the people who had been through so much during this horrible moment in history.  He wanted to lift them up and perhaps give them hope, something he always did for his fans when they needed him.

There were 500 fans in line and many times through the event, the coordinators would say “Michael we have only gone through 64 people, we have 500 in line, stop being so nice, I’ll be the bad guy”.  That was MJ, talking, shaking hands when asked and asking fans that were in tears if they were “okay”.  You could see he was tired and had a bad cold, but he sat for hours signing more than 500 CD covers as well as personal pictures etc.

What amazed me about this event was that he was there for so long, my understanding is longer than 2 hours, the most time spent by an artist signing CD’s and how he treated the fans that were waiting.  There were a few that pulled on my heart-strings, one young man who was a large man, you could see it was difficult for him to walk, let alone stand for 2 hours in line and while Michael was signing CD cover after CD cover he looked about this man and smiled at him, shook his hand and said, “hey, how are you, what’s your name?”  Michael signed the CD specifically to him and the young man thanked him and walked away.  Michael kept signing for the next fan, but kept looking up to see the man walk away.  He turned his head and whispered to Frank Cascio who was sitting behind him, “that makes me cry”.  I feel it  meant that this man waited in line for 2 hours to see him and it showed me how Michael appreciated it.  It showed me how much the fans and what they did for him meant to Michael. I was also taken by the number of men who were weeping and just wanted to shake his hand, I don’t know of any other celebrity that have that kind of draw and emotional pull with their fans.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 4.06.57 PMI urge everyone to watch the signing event and see the little things that MJ did; the child dressed up like Michael to a tee and see the look on his face as well as the appreciation he showed the mother for making the outfit; the girl who asked Michael to marry him and he put the ring on; the girl who had a belly button ring and he wanted to know how it was done, and if it hurt, and the girl who had the beautiful jacket with a picture of MJ on the back which he adored and wanted one for himself.  He interacted with as many fans as he could, I really think he would have talked to each and every one of his fans had the coordinators not pushed him to keep him on a timeline.

This event to me, epitomized what Michael was like to his fans, and how they interacted with him.  They loved him and he reciprocated ALWAYS.

You can watch part 1 of 8 parts beginning here

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The Seven Virtues by Siren – Interview

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 7.59.18 PM

I’d like to welcome author, artist and humanitarian Siren back with us to talk about her new book “The Seven Virtues”.  Siren is well-known within the community and her beautiful work speaks for itself.  I have always said that Siren captures Michael’s aura and am a big fan.  Please view my previous interview about her  book “Art and Soul: A Spiritual Journey” here  and my review of the book here .  I think everyone can probably notice from my logo that Siren was the one that painted and designed it and am so grateful for her talents.

Welcome back Siren, I would like first to thank you for speaking with SGAA and to let you know that  “The Seven Virtues” and “Art and Soul: A Spiritual Tribute” is sitting by my bedside table so I can read and reread it.

Siren: I’m humbled and so happy to hear that.  Thank you.

Why did you create this second book and how did you come up with the idea?

Siren:  Actually, “The Seven Virtues” evolved on it’s own, and was not created with the initial intent of becoming a book.  It began with a gift of seven blank canvases, given to me by a friend.  For some reason I felt that because they came together, that they should remain that way, and decided to use them to do a grouping of related paintings.  As they were being created, I mused about what to title the series, when the concept of the seven virtues came to mind.  I really had no idea what the seven virtues were so I had to research them, which is when I discovered their meanings (courtesy Wikipedia) and how profoundly they mirrored the qualities that Michael demonstrated in his own life.  I felt like I was reading his biography.

How long did you spend on “The Seven Virtues”, from inception to publishing?

Siren: It’s hard to say… I invest a huge amount of hours into my paintings.  Once I start one I am pretty committed to it… I basically devote all my time to it until it’s complete.  To do seven at once was quite an undertaking.  I’d guess the paintings took over 200 hours in total to complete.  It felt good when they were finally finished.  The book itself came together more quickly of course, as it was just a matter of layout and design.  I wanted to keep it as simple as possible so as not to detract from the artwork, but you will notice the sketch outline for each painting is included as a backdrop behind the definitions.  The intent is to suggest how the creation of a painting in it’s commitment, faith, and sacrifice, is much like the development of the soul, and that enlightenment and true beauty are the result of an evolution that materializes from within.

I love how you have used Michael’s “Scream” look for each virtue but each picture has MJ with different, beautiful expressions.  Why did you choose “Scream”?

Siren: There is something about “Scream” that pulls me.  It’s very expressive, and somehow spiritual…  and of course Michael is extremely beautiful.  His energy is so palpable and his lines have such fluidity and softness.  I find it irresistible.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 7.59.07 PM

When I read through the book, Michael’s expressions match exactly what the virtue is, I commend you for getting it perfect.  Was that a difficult thing to do?

 Siren: I had already decided upon and sketched the outline of all seven images before I discovered the seven virtues, so the fact that the definitions expressed themselves within the paintings was the work of something other than myself.  Personally, I think that art is essentially a Divine expression, and that is ultimately what I believe is responsible for mine.  I don’t really understand how emotion becomes visible in art.  That is the element that intrigues and excites me the most – that simply connecting with the energy of what one is creating causes it to take form within the work.  I love how Michael describes this in his poem “God” from Dancing The Dream:  “My songs and dances are outlines for Him to come in and fill. I hold out the form, She puts in the sweetness.”  What a romantic way to explain the process.  It’s what it feels like for me exactly.

I know that you constantly sell your artwork and now books on your website but can you tell us where most of the profits go?

Siren: Well up until now I have been selecting different charities quarterly.  I love to support organizations within the fan community, but currently I am working on a charitable project of my own which will ultimately become the direction of my future proceeds.  I will be revealing the details of it soon.  It’s something very close to my heart, and Michael’s too, so I am excited about it. 

That sounds wonderful, and can’t wait to hear more about it when you reveal your new idea.

How has Michael inspired you in your artwork?

 Siren:  Wow… that’s a book all by itself.  

Michael is the reason I paint.  He is my inspiration for everything.  To me, he is the completeness of what we all should aspire to be.  Michael made enormous sacrifices with the pure intent of changing the world through Love and Creativity.  His example is meant to inspire us to seek, to believe, and to become.  I want to follow that example in every way possible… including devotion, expansion, authenticity, and the pursuit of perfection in my artwork, and in everything that I do.  I am indebted and extremely grateful to him.  He changed my life.

You have decided to publish this book in different sizes, why did you take this approach?

SirenIdeally, the book should be large format, because it really is about the paintings (unlike my first book, which is intended to be a presentation of my journey), but unfortunately my publishing costs for “The Seven Virtues” is very high, and so the price has had to reflect that.  I decided to make it available in a smaller size so that it would be more accessible.  

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 8.27.54 PMWell, the quality of the book speaks for itself.  “The Seven Virtues” has a very simple, yet beautiful cover, it is black with the title and a crown, why did you select this cover?

Siren:  I wanted the cover to have a serenity and softness to it that would reflect the nature of the content, yet still make a statement.  The crown is representative of more than the obvious “King Of Pop”, but is intended to symbolize what I view as Michael’s greater position on our planet as both a leader and protector of humanity.  It’s what I believe he was here for, and certainly how he lived.  I wanted to acknowledge that.  It’s what “The Seven Virtues” is all about.

Well, I urge everyone to go out and buy Siren’s book(s), they are wonderful gifts and perfect not only for MJ fans but for anyone who loves great art.  Siren truly is a beautiful spirit.  Thank you Siren once again for speaking with me.

Siren:  Thank you so much for inviting me to talk about my art with you.  I am so grateful for your time and interest.  Major LOVE.

You can purchase “The Seven Virtues” and “Art and Soul: A spiritual Journey” plus all Siren’s artwork on her beautiful website and get more information on her Facebook Page.

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UPDATE: MJ Lanterns of Love

Event Date: June 26, 2014 8:00pm – 11:00 pm Pacific Time

Location: Santa Monica Pier – On the beach on the South side beyond the pier.



Source:  Betty Byrnes

Come to Santa Monica Pier and light a Luminary Lantern of LOVE on the beach for Michael. Write your message of LOVE on the Lantern for the event and then take it home with the LED lite for a memento.

Info: Santa Monica beach does not close. The parking is limited as there will be Thursday Night Twilight Concert series taking place at this time. Many of the parking lots close at sunset. However, the main 1550 parking lot next to the pier on the north side will be open and does not close.

The 1550 parking lot is where MJ saw Cirque du Soliel in the big white tent for the first time with Branca.

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 11.34.53 AM

Come early to enjoy the pier rides: Merry go Round, Bumper Cars, Arcade games, Ferris wheel etc and to assure your parking spot. Please try to carpool and fit as many MJ fans into your car as possible. Many are in L.A. and will rely on others for transportation. MJ fans are great at this!

Main parking lot:

1550 Pacific Coast Highway
Parking rates range from $6 to $12 per hour
There is also metered parking by Hot Dog on A Stick.

FB Page here


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Reply – Channel 5: MJ, Whitney and Anna Nicole Autopsy

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 2.48.18 PMBelow is the email response I received  from Channel 5 regarding a letter I wrote them about their “Autopsy” Series which I spoke about on this  post.   I am not surprised at this “cookie cutter” response, they hide behind the UK’s  OfCom Broadcasting Code, which allows them to determine just about anything without breaking this code.  It is always done and this is nothing new.  They unjustly determined Michael’s “drug problem” by the pills that were in his room and by the testimony of a known liar, Jason Pfieffer.  Michael was murdered by Conrad Murray and his misuse of Propofol. Nothing else!

Channel 5 will continue the next program of this series with Anna-Nicole Smith on January 21.  This is not only about Michael , but about other wonderful human beings who have families and friends and fans that love them.  I hope we all let our voices be heard and let Channel 5 know that this is a degradation to Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Anna-Nicole Smith. May they Rest in Peace.  You can contact Channel 5 and directors, producers, etc here and at the bottom of this letter.

Date:  17th January 2014

  Dear Correspondent

Thank you for your recent e-mail regarding Autopsy: Michael Jackson’s Last Hours.

Channel 5 is sorry that you did not think that it was appropriate for this programme to be broadcast but hopes that now it has been transmitted you can agree that it was a factual documentary which dealt with the subject appropriately and fairly.

Michael Jackson, perhaps undeniably, is one of the great figures of popular culture in the western world. His death was tragic and unexpected. Given these incontrovertible facts, it was clearly in the public interest to explore the medical facts and to throw light on what might have caused his tragic early demise.

You will have seen that the basis of the programme was two-fold: the facts which arose from the autopsy were revealed and examined and, secondly, Dr Shepherd provided his expert opinion about what those facts may have meant, given other facts from Mr Jackson’s life.

So, as the autopsy stated, Mr Jackson suffered from osteoarthritis and had significant damage to his lungs including multifocal fibrocollagenous scars, marked diffuse congesting and patchy haemorrhaging and marked respiratory bronchiolitis, histiocytic desquamation and multifocal chronic intersticial pneumenitis, plus three other lung conditions. On any view of it, this represented poor health in relation to Mr Jackson’s lungs. However, the programme made it clear that, apart from issues with his lungs, in general terms Mr Jackson’s health was quite good for his age.

In the programme, Dr Shepherd theorised about whether or not the cause of Michael Jackson’s lung damage was lupus. This was something he was entitled to do and his theory was backed up by medical and anecdotal evidence, all of which was clearly explained in the programme.

The question of Mr Jackson’s relationship with opiates or opioids is more difficult, but the programme was clear and scrupulously fair in dealing with this issue. It informed viewers about various testimonies on this point: Jason Pfeiffer, the office manager of Albert Klein described regularly admitting Michael Jackson to a Dermatologist for injections of Demerol; during his trial, Conrad Murray explained that he had been giving Mr Jackson propofol for sixty straight days; Mr Jackson’s body was found to contain three different types of benzodiazepans; and the criminal investigation found large quantities of these in his bedroom. The programme made no claim that opiates or opiods were found in Mr Jackson’s body.

However, it was not unfair for the programme to argue that the discovery of multiple benzodiazepans in his body, in conjunction with the many pill bottles also containing benzodizaepans in his bedroom (for intravenous and oral use) and his witnessed long term use of demerol and propofol suggested that Mr Jackson did, indeed, have a drug problem. This was extensively documented in the trial of Dr Conrad Murray.

Channel 5 believes that the broadcast of the programme was entirely in accordance with the Ofcom Broadcasting Code. Nevertheless, we are grateful to you for taking the time to contact us with your concerns and your comments have been noted for the attention of all relevant personnel.

Thank you for your interest in Channel 5.
Yours sincerely
Please note that the contact details for Channel 5 Customer Services are as follows:
Telephone:                                      0845 7 05 05 05 / 020 8612 7700
Text telephone for use by deaf people:  0845 7 41 37 87
Fax:                                    020 8612 7686

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A Conversation with Really, Really Brad Sundberg

dancing with the elephant

Willa: This week Lisha McDuff and I are so honored to be joined by Brad Sundberg, who worked with Michael Jackson for nearly two decades. He served as Technical Director on the Bad, Dangerous, and HIStory albums, and helped design the sound system at Neverland. While working on Bad, Michael Jackson gave him the nickname Really, Really Brad, as in “I’m Brad, I’m Brad, I’m Really, Really Brad.” That cracks me up!

Over the past year Brad has been offering seminars in the U.S., Canada, and Europe to share his insights as well as sound recordings from his work with Michael Jackson. Several of our friends and contributors – Lisha, Susan Fast, and Joe Vogel – attended his recent seminar in Toronto, and from everything I’ve heard it was incredible! Lisha asked Brad if he’d like to talk with us, and he said yes. Brad, thank you…

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Memories of MJ and Debbie Rowe OK Magazine Interview 1997

While re-reading this particular article I decided to bring it to everyone’s attention once again,  it shows how happy Michael and Debbie were about the birth of their son and in particular how hard Michael tried to keep Prince and later, the rest of his children out of the public eye. He wanted them to grow and take their own place in society and do whatever they wished, the sky has always been the limit for these children and they should live their own lives.  Please take note of MJ and DR’s answers it is a great reminder how he and Debbie had a caring relationship.  She is the mother of Prince and Paris and he always respected and loved her and she him.  I find this article to be very telling and all the answers still stand true today.

nwa5c6OK Magazine Interview

April 4 & 11, 1997

Michael permitted ‘OK’ magazine (UK) to publish photographs of his first-born baby boy, Prince Michael Jackson Jr. An interview with Michael and Debbie accompanied the photo spread.


The King Of Pop And His Little Prince

Int:  Michael, how does it feel to be a father?

MJ: It was an incredibly joyful experience. I’m in bliss 24 hours a day.

Int:  Can you talk us through the birth of your son?

Michael:  It’s hard to take it step by step, but the snapshots in my mind from the birth show our excitement and nervousness. Debbie was so strong throughout the delivery. There were shouts of joy when the baby was born. I couldn’t believe the miracle I had witnessed. It was unbelievable!

Int:  Michael, describe the relationship between yourself and Debbie?

MJ:  Debbie and I love each other for all the reasons you will never see on stage or in pictures. I feel for the beautiful, unpretentious, giving person that she is, and she fell for me, just being me.

Int:  Debbie, what are you current feelings for Michael?

DR:  I love him even more now than before our son was born. Fatherhood has brought out a very protective streak in him. He is so loving and strong.

Int:  What is the boy’s name? Why is he so named — and which of you does he look like the most?

MJ:  His name is Prince Michael Junior. My grandfather and great-grandfather were both named Prince, so we have carried on that tradition, and now we have a third Prince in the family.

DR:  He’s so beautiful! I think he has my eyes.

Int:  Michael, among all your life’s glittering achievements, how does fatherhood rate?

MJ:  Words can’t describe it. There is no miracle in life that compares with watching your son some into the world.

Int:  Has the baby smiled or responded in any way to the two of you yet?

MJ:  He smiles all the time and his eyes twinkle when I sing to him. He definitely knows my voice. Debbie tickles his chin and he giggles.

Int:  Debbie, does Michael change the baby’s nappies, get up in the middle of  the night to feed him and do his share of the chores?

DR:  Yes, Michael does everything. He loves being involved in every aspect of caring for the baby. He is such a wonderful father, feeding him, holding him, and, of course, singing to him.

Int:  Debbie, you have married and had a baby with the most famous man on earth. What effect has that had on you?

DR:  I have married and had a baby with the man I will always love and I am on top of the world. The only time I feel sad is when I see quotes attributed to me that I never said or when I hear late night comedians taking cheap shots at my husband when they are not true. Don’t believe 99% of the garbage you read or hear. I know that we will be under increasing public scrutiny and I don’t look forward to that, but I know that will always be a part of being married to Michael.

Int: Michael, you so rarely give interviews. What is the one thing you would like to say to your fans at this time?

MJ: Thank you to all of my fans for understanding how important it is to me to protect my family from the public eye. I have lived in a “fishbowl” all my life and I want my son to live a normal life. You’ve stood by me throughout my career and now you share my greatest joy. I love you.

OK – Part 2

Int: Michael, what are your hopes for Prince Michael Junior’s future?

MJ: I want him to grow up surrounded by love and family, to receive the best education I can provide him with, to discover and develop his talents, and to use his resources to make life better for those less fortunate than he.

Int:  Are you preventing Debbie from seeing the child?

MJ:  No, that is completely false. We have been together as a family since the birth of our son, and we’ve cherished every moment as a family.

Int: Michael, what has been your family’s reaction to the birth?

MJ: They are all very excited. I’m already getting lots of tips and advice about schools and such.

Int: What sort of dad will you try to be?

MJ: The best! My father was always there for us through the stardom of the Jackson 5 and through many of the ups and downs that followed. I, too, will always be there for my son. It’s the most important thing in the world to me.

Int: Debbie, what are your family’s feelings about Michael?

DR: They’re crazy about him. They were delighted to discover how warm and genuine he is.

Int:  And how would you describe Michael’s strengths as a father?

DR: He’s very patient and protective. He never rushes what he’s doing with the baby. I was very proud of how tough he was about our privacy. He’s incredibly strong.

Int:  Michael, are you still close to your family? How often do you see your parents, brothers and sisters? Have they met your baby yet?

MJ: We talk and see each other all the time. We recently had a big ‘get-together’ where all the cousins met one another for the first time.

Int:  We believe the child’s godmother may be Elizabeth Taylor. What is it that draws you to Elizabeth? Many would call it an unlikely friendship. What do you have in common?

MJ:  Elizabeth knew many of the things I went through growing up in the spotlight. I can say a few words or just sigh sometimes, and she knows what I’m feeling. It was wonderful to find someone who understood me so well. I pray for her, and I want her to share the joy of my son’s birth for many years to come.

Int:  What sort of gifts have you received for Prince Michael Junior?

MJ:  We’ve received some fantastic gifts. Wonderful treasures, stuffed animals, toys and baby clothes from around the world. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all my wonderful fans for helping to welcome our baby into the world.

Int:  Michael, what are Debbie’s strengths as a mother?

MJ:  Debbie is a very strong and caring woman. She’s a wonderful mother!

Int:  Can we expect a song about your son on your new album?

MJ:  The birth of my son has been very inspirational to me artistically, and there will definitely be a song in the future.

Int:  And one about Debbie, too?

MJ:  Any song about my son has to be about Debbie as well

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How To File A Complaint Against UK Tabloids

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Guerrilla Decontextualization And The King of Pop Michael Jackson

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UPDATE: MJ Hater and Shock Jock Radio Show Cancelled

Photo-MJ-Bad-Era-5-Smile-Micheal-Jackson_largeI can finally say with total elation that the “Dean Blundell Show” has been cancelled.  The show that I have been “dogging” for years is no longer just suspended but cancelled, Corus Radio, owner of the Edge made a statement today:

“With the start of the new year, Corus Radio will be taking 102.1 the Edge in a new direction in 2014.  The station will return to a more music-based format showcasing the best in modern rock.  Th Dean Blundell Show has been cancelled, effective January 6, 2014.  Stayed tuned as details of the new morning show are announced in the coming weeks.”

Dave Farough, General Manager, Corus Radio Toronto

I recently posted about Dean Blundell and his show.  My mind is now at ease and I am currently  listening to “Human Nature” and “bathing in the moonlight”

A step in the right direction for Michael Jackson and for others that are being slandered.

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