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Contact: Brad Sundberg (407) 968-2020

“In the Studio with MJ” seminar scheduled in Toronto on November 23, 2013

Toronto, Canada – “In the Studio with MJ” is pleased to present a first-person seminar offering an in-depth perspective on working with Michael Jackson in the recording studio and at his amazing residence, Neverland Valley Ranch. The seminar will take place on November 23, 2013, at D. C. Studios. The seminar lasts approximately six hours, and includes dinner (optional) based on Michael’s weekly album tradition of “Family Friday Dinner.”.

Brad Sundberg, a voting member of the Grammys, fills the seminar with music, videos, personal behind-the-scenes stories and photos. It is a very unique opportunity for people interested in the music industry, and in Michael Jackson in particular, to see, hear and learn what it was like to work side-by-side with a true music legend.

“The seminars were born out a desire from Michael Jackson’s fans to know more about how these incredible projects came to life”, says Brad Sundberg, seminar host/presenter. “People want to go back to the music, to where it all began – in the studio. His creative process was unlike anything I have ever been a part of, and if I can give people just a glimpse of what it was like, that’s very rewarding. And that same creative nature wasn’t just used in the studio; he brought several people together, including me, to build his dream home, Neverland. In it’s day, Neverland was one of the most beautiful places you could imagine.”

Among other topics, the seminar will detail how songs went from the original demo to the album version. Following that, many of the songs were edited, remixed and restructured for various dance mixes, short films and live tours. Brad will explain and demonstrate how the songs changed and progressed along the way. Sundberg’s primary title with the team was Technical Director, and his journey took him through Captain EO, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory and Blood On The Dance Floor. At Michael’s request, Brad also joined the Neverland Valley Ranch team where he was instrumental in designing custom music and video systems at one of the most recognized homes on the planet. From studio to tour prep to ranch, Brad was there and will take you along for the ride.

In June 2013, Brad presented the “In the Studio with MJ” seminar in New York City. In August it was in Orlando, and in October it was presented in Paris and Stockholm. Attendees comment on their experience:

In the Studio with MJ” is worth every penny. The most amazing experience. So glad to meet Brad! Go to his seminar! Thrilling!” – Jared B.

“This seminar is a unique and exciting opportunity for fans to get to know Michael the artist, as well as Michael the person. You will never hear his music the same way again!” -Tarin C.

“I cannot thank you enough for all the gems and treasures you shared with us. You have no idea how much it means. I truly liked the pace of the seminar, and the un- scripted parts. You did a fantastic job and made us feel part of that team which created those projects. You made me feel at home and very comfortable. It was like going to a music school, as it was the real deal of how the songs and artistry come about. Thank you! Thank you! And Thank You!!” -Gaston F.

“Forget the media circus, forget the fame and fortune that surrounded the name. If you want to get to know Michael Jackson the man and his genius while at work this seminar is not to be missed. This is a priceless experience that you will never forget.” -Kat C

“I have discovered a warm-hearted human being with a great sense of sharing and humility. Thank you so much, I will treasure this day in my memory and in my heart forever.” – Virginia R

After Toronto Sundberg plans on bringing the seminar to groups in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo in 2014. “We have interested groups in Brazil, UK, Germany and Russia. The response has been amazing!”

About Brad Sundberg:

Brad Sundberg owns and operates BSUN Media Systems, a company specializing and designing entertainment systems for homes, businesses, churches, etc., with offices in Orlando, Los Angeles, New York. His client list includes Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Helen Hunt and Elizabeth Taylor, plus many more across the US and Europe. He loves to travel, spend time with his wife of 28 years and four daughters. In his spare time, Brad is in the process of writing a book about his 18 years with Michael.

Tickets are available at
Cost for the seminar is $249 USD, with VIP dinner included, or $179 USD for the standard seminar ticket.

Get more information about In The Studio With MJ at or

For interviews and other media inquiries, please contact Brad directly at (407) 968-2020 or

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