‘If not us, then who; if not now, then when?’

1374257_578737655521011_462927037_nWebster’s definition of defamation is as follows: def·a·ma·tion noun \ˌde-fə-ˈmā-shən\  : the act of saying false things in order to make people have a bad opinion of someone or something : the act of defaming someone or something.

Recently, the heartless Taj Malik has been tweeting/posting crude  comments and blogs about certain individuals in justice groups on a personal level.  Members of these justice groups who are being defamed are the same people who have fought extremely hard keeping Michael Jackson’s reputation, humanitarianism, and most of all, his love in the forefront before anything else.  They keep many in the MJ family interested and informed.  They are what I like to call the “go to people”.  When any information is needed or any questions answered concerning Michael’s life, words, artistry, etc. I go directly to their TL.  They spend hours transcribing trial information (no purchase necessary) interviews, speeches and even depositions to keep all of us informed, all the while keeping MJ’s love and light first and foremost.  They deserve our loyalty and respect in return for their hard work on Michael’s behalf.  Many of them spend hours reading through court documents just so the rest of us can understand the legal jargon and take part in what is happening in MJ’s world.  It is all done with positivity, not hatred, yet they are the ones being slandered and defamed.

I find it astonishing that this woman has such avid followers who retweet their hatred and then participate in anti-defamation groups who are professing that slander is wrong and feel a law needs to be in place for this. How can people who retweet and agree with these snakes on one side and then retweet and support anti-defamation on the other justify what they are doing?  Calling people “fake fans” (I have tried to find  what the true definition of that is for years) is not going to make anyone listen to what they have to say.  How can these slanderers who post personal information including names, addresses, phone numbers, even personal photos of their family members along with innocent babies (Michael would be so proud) think this is ethical?

SGAA ‘s main goal is to try bring awareness to the defamation, slander and abuse not only on radio, TV and newspapers but also on the social media. I am seeing now as time goes by, how the social media can be used as a weapon.  It doesn’t have a bullet or a blade but it still has the power to destroy others by the press of a key.  I sometimes wonder if MJ was alive today would the same thing be happening to him.  Would these people who believed Michael was a pedophile before he passed be hacking into accounts and finding things out about him?  I have a feeling the answer would be yes.

I truly believe an anti-defamation law is acquired across the globe, but I firmly believe you have to practice what you preach, you have to believe in what you are representing to others and not talk anti-defamation out of one side of your mouth and defame others out of the other.  If one follows this this evil person who runs people off twitter and threatens them in vicious ways I would call it defamation, I think you would too? I feel as a reasonable human being I know the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, and I also know how and when to keep quiet.  Well, I have been quiet for far too long.  I feel there is an Armageddon approaching of sorts, one of such magnitude that the MJ community may never recover from.  The disrespect and crudeness is alarming and I do not believe Michael would be pleased at what is going on in his name right now.  I cannot open twitter without holding my breath before reading my TL.  If someone is not ridiculing someone’s looks, or ethnicity they are fighting about AEG, the Jackson family, MJ3 or Michael himself.

When will it all end?  Maybe it won’t.  One can only pray that if Michael is watching us (and I truly believe he is) that his love can lead us in the right direction. Perhaps he is the only one that can stop it because I know he is in all our hearts, I believe that if we just stop with the hatred, hacking and hostility and let go of  the heaviness in our hearts and focus on what Michael wanted most, to “Heal the World” and become one, his kind of love will spread.

How do you feel about technology like the internet and it’s effect on society? 

Michael Jackson: I think it is wonderful. It is a wonderful way to correspond it’s growing and this is the tip of the iceberg. In the next year we will see some amazing growths in technology and I hope that I’m around to see it. I pray that we continue to serve the world in a positive way not a negative way and not hurt anyone because it is wonderful.

Simulchat Interview- August 17, 1995  

  1. #1 by Angie on October 11, 2013 - 6:20 pm

    Great article. Keep up the good work.

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