Taaj Malik- Master Manipulator

Please read this blog by MJJJusticeProject on Taaj Malik and her manipulating ways in the MJ Community.


Who is Taaj Malik?-  Accused Randy Jackson of killing his own brother, Michael.  Jermaine jealous of Michael – Called Howard Mann “Katherine Jackson’s savior” – Believed Michael to be guilty of  molestation until AFTER 6/2009.  Was never a fan prior to June 2009 but tells LAtimes she attended Wembley. 

Suddenly she flip flops and  out of the mist comes this “activist” for Michael buddying up with fanatical anti-Estate individuals alleging all kinds of sinister conspiracies –

10/14/2013 SGAA Taaj Makes Me Wanna Shout 

10/11/2013 MJJStreet post Taaj Post Makes Me Wanna Scream  

4/14/2013 Lipstick Alley  Who is Taaj Malik?  We have now posted her diatribes against Randy Jackson, thanks to the gals at LSA. (screencaps saved in case LSA deletes the posts under some sort of intimidation)

 Randy Files Police Report Against Asst   Posts #48 #49 shows Screenshots of her hate rants against Randy Jackson…

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