Brad Sundberg: MJ was Amazingly Honest

Hey Toronto, I have not forgotten about you! We have seminars in place in Orlando, Paris, Stockholm… and then you! I am working on studio locations, etc., but the wheels are moving. I know it is still many weeks out, but we need to sell enough tickets to book travel, hotel, studio, etc. Please continue to tell your friends that this will be THE place to be for MJ fans, music fans and those curious about the recording industry on November 23rd. Here is a post I put on my Orlando page, but I thought you might enjoy it. Have a great weekend!


Hey Orlando, we are just 15 days away from “In The Studio With MJ” at Starke Lake Studios! This will likely be the last stop in the US before we pack the show up and head to Paris in October.

So let me tell you about this photo and note. Many of you have already seen the photo of Michael and I playing Jenga (I won), but the note is kind of cool. Michael was never known for his spelling, but he was amazingly honest. One evening during the Dangerous project he went up to the front desk at Record One, and our runner/resident comedian Rob Disner was out getting food or something. Michael needed a pen, just a simple 5-cent ink pen. So he takes one, but leaves Rob this note. How cool is that? Michael was at the top of his game, making a new album, prepping for the next tour, building Neverland, writing songs, etc., but he writes a note about taking a pen. Rob kept it and has it framed in his house, which I think is awesome.

More stories, music, video and “Family Friday Dinner” in Toronto on November 23. Will You Be There?

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