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Brad Sundberg: MJ was Amazingly Honest

Hey Toronto, I have not forgotten about you! We have seminars in place in Orlando, Paris, Stockholm… and then you! I am working on studio locations, etc., but the wheels are moving. I know it is still many weeks out, but we need to sell enough tickets to book travel, hotel, studio, etc. Please continue to tell your friends that this will be THE place to be for MJ fans, music fans and those curious about the recording industry on November 23rd. Here is a post I put on my Orlando page, but I thought you might enjoy it. Have a great weekend!


Hey Orlando, we are just 15 days away from “In The Studio With MJ” at Starke Lake Studios! This will likely be the last stop in the US before we pack the show up and head to Paris in October.

So let me tell you about this photo and note. Many of you have already seen the photo of Michael and I playing Jenga (I won), but the note is kind of cool. Michael was never known for his spelling, but he was amazingly honest. One evening during the Dangerous project he went up to the front desk at Record One, and our runner/resident comedian Rob Disner was out getting food or something. Michael needed a pen, just a simple 5-cent ink pen. So he takes one, but leaves Rob this note. How cool is that? Michael was at the top of his game, making a new album, prepping for the next tour, building Neverland, writing songs, etc., but he writes a note about taking a pen. Rob kept it and has it framed in his house, which I think is awesome.

More stories, music, video and “Family Friday Dinner” in Toronto on November 23. Will You Be There?

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A personal message from Brad Sundberg re Toronto Seminar


Wow… hello Toronto!!! So let me tell you a quick story. I started hearing from these two MJ fans by the names of Marge and Christina several weeks ago. They had heard about my seminars in Paris, New York, etc, and they said (I am not making this up), “Brad, Toronto has some of the best MJ fans on the planet, and we want to bring you up here to tell your stories, share your music, and bring us into the studio with you.” I explained that I will be in Paris and Stockholm in October, but November is possible. The next thing I know a date is set, and we started selling tickets this morning. These two women do not play around!

Before I say anything else, let me tell you how grateful I am to be able to come hang out with you and talk about an amazing period in my life. The fact that fan groups have embraced the idea of just hearing music and stories about my years with a very dear friend is humbling, and something I deeply enjoy doing. As to my new friends Marge and Christina, I commend you both for tackling this. It takes a lot of work and coordination to pull off, and I am proud of the great job you have done this early on. Two thumbs up!

Now, here’s the deal. I will bring you my A-game in November, and I can’t wait to meet each of you that make it to my seminar. I will take you on a journey through Michael’s music, humor and working style that I think you will really enjoy. If you want tabloid non-sense, this is not the place for you. Michael’s safe-place was the studio, it will be a garbage-free setting, I can assure you.

I won’t pressure you to buy tickets just yet, I have a feeling Marge and Christina are handling that just fine. But I will say that we will have minimums to meet at some point, and if we fall short of those numbers your ticket purchase will be fully refunded. I don’t see that as a problem, but I want to make it clear this is a risk-free purchase. I’m a real guy, doing real seminars, we just need to make sure the audience is in place before I book plane tickets and rent studios. Make sense?

Enjoy your weekend, and thank you to my coordinators M and C, and to my early ticket purchasers! This is going to a really fun event.



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CONFIRMED: Brad Sundberg “In the Studio with MJ” in Toronto


Stop Global Airwave Abuse is overjoyed that Brad Sundberg has confirmed that November 23, 2013 is the day he will bring his seminar  “In the Studio with Michael Jackson” to Toronto, Canada.  This is a once in a lifetime experience to learn first-hand what went on behind the scenes in the studio and the work Brad did on Michael’s beloved Neverland.

We require 50 people to make this happen so please purchase your tickets as soon as possible.  You can buy them through Brad’s site here.   There are two selections:  General Admission from 12:00 pm to 5 pm for US $179.00 where you can “Enjoy the music, video, photos and stories as Brad shares from his many years of working with Michael in the studio and at Neverland”.  VIP Extended Admission and Dinner from 12:00pm to 7pm for US $249.00.  “Family Friday” dinner will be served and shared as a group and more music and stories will be shared.

The Studio will be announced very shortly since Brad is scouting around Toronto for the best possible studio venue he can find.

NOTE:  Space is limited so purchase your tickets as soon as possible so you won’t be disappointed.  So far this is his only visit to Canada. 



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A Global Pledge to Hold Hands and Make that Change

942122_4782927299087_1973804432_nMany Michael Jackson fans have seen the videos, Make the Homeless Smile. The individuals who made the videos are asking people to shun the latest insignificant trending topics. Instead, they ask that individuals create meaningful social experiences, such as making the homeless smile. In the videos, people from all over the world gave food and clothing to the homeless. The anthem for the first video is Hold My Hand as the gentlemen behind the inspiration of Make the Homeless Smile hand out food and clothing to the homeless which is followed up by the second video set to Man in the Mirror as videos from around the world show people ”making the homeless smile’ with their generosity.

The video has provided inspiration for many of Michael’s fans. As we all know, helping those less fortunate was a core belief of his. Michael Jackson did not just sing about social issues such as homelessness, poverty and hunger, but he made a difference in countless people’s lives by donating whatever he could to help them.

We believe that there would be no better way to honor Michael, than to make the homeless smile on his birthday, August 29. We are asking that if fans are able, to hit the streets of your area, and personally donate to those living on the street, and record it. These donation videos, from around the world, will then be compiled together to make a video similar to the Make the Homeless Smile video.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Pledge your participation at the Make that Change pledge site
2. Organize a Make that Change team in your hometown
3. Decide on those items you want to hand out. (Personal care items, clothing, food)
4. When donating to the homeless, please make sure to ask permission to film or photograph them. It is imperative that the less fortunate are treated with courtesy and dignity. Remember that this is not about filming, but rather helping the homeless.
5. We understand that everyone is not able to donate due to financial hardship or disability. By posting this to your site, Facebook page, blog, etc., you are helping to spread the word and doing your part to help make that change!

We encourage fans to record or take pictures their experiences and submit the videos to Let’s all do our part to honor the legacy of the greatest entertainer and humanitarian to ever live, Mr. Michael Jackson.

Please remember this effort is a global Michael Jackson fan effort. We must unite together and make that change to honor the man in the mirror by healing the world!

Source:  AndJusticeForSome

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