In the Studio with Michael Jackson (Toronto) – Brad Sundberg

tumblr_mko1f0cT0J1qcqvito3_1280I’m sure most of you are aware of Brad Sundberg’s fantastic seminar “In the Studio With Michael Jackson“.  His seminar is a huge success and has had wonderful reviews.  Brad Sundberg joined Michael’s team during the production of Captain Eo in 1985, and stayed with Michael as one of his engineers and technical director (in the studio as well as at Neverland Valley Ranch) for nearly 18 years.  He worked closely with Michael, not only with music, but also worked on Neverland’s sound system and lights to meet MJ’s high standards.  He holds Michael in the highest regard and feels blessed for the time he spent with him

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and Stop Global Airwave Abuse is happy to promote Brad’s seminar coming to Toronto, Canada hopefully sometime toward the end of November 2013.  Currently close to 50 people have taken an interest in this remarkable seminar and we are hoping to be able to obtain another 50 so Brad can do a seminar for a second night.  We need  people to commit to make this become a reality.  The cost would be approximately $200.00 per person (less if we can get 100 people) and for any interested parties a special VIP promotion (dinner with Brad) for an extra $50 to $60 where you could have a chance to talk with Brad in a more intimate setting.

Please check out the Facebook Page and add your name to the list.  Toronto is a fantastic city and the largest in Canada, it is a tourist mecca with much to see and do.  We are inviting all MJ and music fans in all Provinces and all States to join us and take advantage of this wonderful piece of Michael that only Brad can share.


Please visit Brad’s “In the Studio With Michael Jackson” FB page for more information on the seminar and what it entails.

We encourage MJ fans  to come join us on this magical tour of the working of his studio, the beauty of his music and Brad’s personal insight into many of his albums, vocals and professionalism.

Listen  to Brad speak about his work with Michael both in the studio and Neverland on Rev. Catherine Gross’ Blogtalk Radio  Show

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      Hi, I don’t live in Toronto, but thanks for inviting me. Much love ♥

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