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Review of Craig J. Baxter’s Unmasked

Body Language Book Kindle CoverUnmasked:  A Revealing Look at the Fascinating World of Body Language by Craig J. Baxter

Craig J. Baxter’s newest book Unmasked: A Revealing Look at the Fascinating World of Body Language is an amazing look into the science of non-verbal communication/ body language.  His first book, “Behind The Mask: What Michael Jackson’s Body Language Told The World” a wonderful, truthful book on Michael Jackson was a # 1 bestseller. You can read the review here . Unmasked takes this fascinating science to a another level whereby Mr. Baxter focuses on things the layperson may not be able to distinguish when reading body language.  Touching, facial expression, voice, personal space are all parts of this science and he takes each of these sub headings and dissects them one by one to make it easier for the novice to understand.

Mr. Baxter basically takes us on as students and educates us how to pick up on the small gestures that are so important in reading someone’s body language.  The chapter that I found very interesting and informative was where case studies are used to assist in determining how our words say one thing while our bodies are communicating something totally different.  I believe by using these case studies, which are real-life scenarios allow us, as readers, to analyze each of them and apply the information you have learned from earlier chapters to become confident in reading non verbal communication.  The last part of this chapter takes you through the interview process and gives 5 important steps helping you to feel more comfortable and confident taking you one step closer to that new job.

Unmasked: A Revealing Look at the Fascinating World of Body Language is exactly what the title says…. a fascinating and wonderful learning experience into the world of body language.  I highly recommend this easy to read book to any body language novice who would really like to delve into the realm of non verbal communication and Mr. Baxter takes us step by step into his world as a body language expert.

SGAA gives this book 5 stars out of 5


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