MJ: A Legacy of Pure L.O.V.E.

MichaelJacksonsongPics1uUo1su5FFrh1BMAs the trial begins between AEG and Katherine Jackson, we must remember one thing and one thing only, something that Michael spread like wilfire and believed every single person needed and wanted;  L.O.V.E.

The media, AEG, and other riff raff will desecrate and dissect his life, his integrity and personal issues that no one should be subjected to whether living or dead.  SGAA has remained silent during the jury selection and the media coverage that followed because we were waiting to see what was in store for Michael Jackson and his children.  We now see there is no escaping the horrors that will be brought out through, depositions, witnesses, and the press.

Michael always deflected negativity and very rarely spoke out about all the trash and false accusations that he lived with his entire career, he felt that the accusers just needed more love.  The sharks (and they know who they are) are slowly biting down on Michael integrity, his honesty, his pureness, and everything else that made him who he was to all of us.  Pure LOVE.

During this trial we urge all of MJ fans to stay calm and keep our integrity when posting, tweeting, and making any comments on social media.  We have been known as “rabid, crazy fans” due to a few black sheep in the community who have brought the entire Michael Jackson fan base down with their false accusations and their bias tweeting of personal opinions while destroying anyone in their path who disagrees. This was never Michael’s way and we at SGAA believe he would be disappointed in the actions many have taken who he believed cared for him and loved him.

The media you can be assured will have their part in this degradation and we must deal with them the way Michael did his entire life, with his words and his music.  Using quotes and music will heal us and help us in the long days ahead.  Pictures, loving thoughts and memories will ease our pain and most of all MJ’s love will keep us together.

Michael  brought only light towards him and others.  You can see it in his eyes, his smile.  MJ had an aura. Everyone who knew him said he was other worldly and we believe this to be true. This trial will never diminish that.

Michael may be eaten by sharks in the courtroom, but we will raise him eternally with our words, our love and our integrity.  Let’s use the power of our hearts and the social media, let’s show everyone who he really was and is.  A genius, a humanitarian, a lovelight worker and most of all we believe his legacy is one of pure L.O.V.E.

Let’s spread his spirit globally and push away the negativity while doing it. xoxoxox

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