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MJ: A Legacy of Pure L.O.V.E.

MichaelJacksonsongPics1uUo1su5FFrh1BMAs the trial begins between AEG and Katherine Jackson, we must remember one thing and one thing only, something that Michael spread like wilfire and believed every single person needed and wanted;  L.O.V.E.

The media, AEG, and other riff raff will desecrate and dissect his life, his integrity and personal issues that no one should be subjected to whether living or dead.  SGAA has remained silent during the jury selection and the media coverage that followed because we were waiting to see what was in store for Michael Jackson and his children.  We now see there is no escaping the horrors that will be brought out through, depositions, witnesses, and the press.

Michael always deflected negativity and very rarely spoke out about all the trash and false accusations that he lived with his entire career, he felt that the accusers just needed more love.  The sharks (and they know who they are) are slowly biting down on Michael integrity, his honesty, his pureness, and everything else that made him who he was to all of us.  Pure LOVE.

During this trial we urge all of MJ fans to stay calm and keep our integrity when posting, tweeting, and making any comments on social media.  We have been known as “rabid, crazy fans” due to a few black sheep in the community who have brought the entire Michael Jackson fan base down with their false accusations and their bias tweeting of personal opinions while destroying anyone in their path who disagrees. This was never Michael’s way and we at SGAA believe he would be disappointed in the actions many have taken who he believed cared for him and loved him.

The media you can be assured will have their part in this degradation and we must deal with them the way Michael did his entire life, with his words and his music.  Using quotes and music will heal us and help us in the long days ahead.  Pictures, loving thoughts and memories will ease our pain and most of all MJ’s love will keep us together.

Michael  brought only light towards him and others.  You can see it in his eyes, his smile.  MJ had an aura. Everyone who knew him said he was other worldly and we believe this to be true. This trial will never diminish that.

Michael may be eaten by sharks in the courtroom, but we will raise him eternally with our words, our love and our integrity.  Let’s use the power of our hearts and the social media, let’s show everyone who he really was and is.  A genius, a humanitarian, a lovelight worker and most of all we believe his legacy is one of pure L.O.V.E.

Let’s spread his spirit globally and push away the negativity while doing it. xoxoxox

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WITH A CHILD’S HEART – Charitable Giving Thru OneRose4MJJ

The most obvious and well-known meaning of the red rose is deep love and affection and symbolizes true love that would stand the test of time. Staunchly promising affection that is forever riding high is what the red rose means. The red rose denotes a true love that is stronger than thorns and can outlive all obstacles.

Michael Jackson obstacles were great but he persevered and amid his trial and tribulations he received many flowers which he accepted  with love and gratitude that he always had in his heart.

Whether it was two dozen or one single bud, he understood the feelings behind each bloom and the power of this demonstration of LOVE.

It is truly a beautiful thing that the OneRose4MJJ annual campaign continues to send Michael these flowers of  love from the entire MJ global family whose hearts are filled with respect and only love for Michael.  Most,  cannot be at Holly Terrace personally but wish to spread the love of  Michael with these lovely roses to let him know they are with him.

A new expression of our love for Michael is being offered to people who feel  flowers don’t necessarily show their feelings as much as a donation to charity in Michael’s name might.  The OneRose4MJJ group has three charities that they promote year round – Please read about each one of these charities in detail via these links on their website.  UNICEFAmerican Vitiligo Research Foundation, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

In cooperation with  MJJJusticeProject,  Stop Global Airwave Abuse will be giving heartfelt pledges and are encouraging any other groups or individuals to pledge a certain amount of monies for every 1000 roses sent to Michael with all the love attached to each stem.

The amount of the pledge is totally up to the discretion of the giver but we capping it at an amount that is affordable is advisable because we don’t know how many roses will be purchased and we have hopes to exceed last years, 10,477 count.  SGAA and MJJJP have agreed to donate $50 each  for each incremental count of 1000 roses, both of us will cap out at $600 (12X50), which is a total of 12,000 roses and $1200 to be distributed to the charity we designate on OneRose4MJJ  donations links below:

We encourage other groups who wish to support Michael’s mission in life which was to help children through acts of charity and research of medicine and immunization throughout our world, to join us in this endeavor.  The massive amounts of roses sent to Holly Terrace is not only an expression of love from each fan but also a great display to the world that this man, our beloved brother, influenced a mindset of global brotherhood, tolerance and acceptance.

If you are interested, please  leave a comment here with contact information, amount pledged per 1000 roses and capped amount and we will add your name to our list of Pledgees. We shall also pass your information onto OneRose4MJJ OR you may contact Robyn S.  or Sarrah N. directly to make arrangements for your participation.

Robyn S facebook and Twitter OneRose4MJJ

Sarrah facebook and Twitter MJCB_Junky

Pledgee List, Amount per 1000 Roses 

Stop Global Airwave Abuse                  $50.00   Capped at $600

MJJJustice Project                                 $50.00   Capped at $600

MJ Fans of Montreal                             $15.00   Capped at $240

MJ Fans of New York                            $15.00   Capped at $240

JUSTICE4MJ ALWAYS                         $10.00  Capped at  $150

Links to Donate to Charities sponsored by OneRose4MJJ

UNICEF  Immunizations 

American Vitilgo Research Foundation 

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

If you rather just make a one time donation to any of these charities as a tribute to Michael Jackson,  please do so by clicking the links above.

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