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Once again Brazilian Host Disses MJ!

Stop the abuse!

A while back I posted a story about a Brazilian “TV Show host” slandering Michael on his show.  Here is the link.

Once again our fellow Brazilian MJ advocate has found that another Host has slandered Michael, but much worse. .Jô Soares has gone too far with his distasteful and degrading remarks.  She has told me they are much worse than before and has posted an open letter Mr. Soares here

I would like to take this opportunity to please ask all MJ fans to help @Lyn_bad, especially if you live in Brazil, write to this man asking for an on air apology, write to the station, the advertisers whatever you can do. Please tweet on your blogs, twitter, Facebook and help stop this disrespect toward Michael.  This will never end unless we unite and “raise our voice as one”

Thank you @Lyn-bad for all you do.


Art credit to the wonderful Mimi O’Garren for her artwork “Be God’s Glow”

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