Review of Behind the Mask: What Michael Jackson’s Body Language Told the World”

Review of Behind the Mask:  What Michael Jackson’s Body Language Told the World”

by Craig J. Baxter

After reading Craig J. Baxter’s book “Behind the Mask: What Michael Jackson’s Body Language Told the World” I literally jumped for joy.  Finally, a book that tells people all over the world what MJ fans and advocates have known all along, that Michael Jackson told the truth.  The innuendos and falsehoods the tabloids and airwaves spewed and that haunted Michael throughout his tormented life have been “put to bed” by Mr. Baxter’s book.  It shows, through Michael’s non verbal communication, that he unequivocally portrayed total honesty and truthfulness in the interviews he analyzed, ranging from the Oprah Winfrey 1993 interview all the way through to the Martin Bashir rebuttal  2003 interview.

This book is an exceptional “tell all” book but in the real sense of the words. Craig goes beyond describing Michael Jackson in his interviews by pairing his words with Michael’s body language. Any reader would be enlightened by this professional non verbal analysis of MJ based entirely on his body movements; his eyes, his legs, his hands and even his “classic hand on the heart” gesture during many of the conversations. Mr. Baxter allows us to see Michael for who he truly was, an honest and truthful man, whose only fault was to be trusting of these so-called “interviewers” and “journalists”.  This is unlike any other book I have read about Michael because Mr. Baxter  does not deal in rumours, only in what he observes in Michael’s gestures, etc.

His section on the terminology of non verbal communication used throughout the book is a great addition for anyone who wants to learn more about this amazing technique used in FBI interrogations and research. Mr. Baxter’s you tube video tutorials will show MJ fans and body language enthusiasts that he is well versed at his craft and does it extremely well.

Michael Jackson would be pleased that such an objective book was written about him. I highly recommend “Behind the Mask: What Michael Jackson’s Body Language told the World” to fans of Michael Jackson as well as body language enthusiasts who want to delve into this fascinating analysis of this brilliant and kind man.

I give this book five out of five stars.  You can purchase Mr. Baxter’s Kindle book from Amazon here

Please note:  I will be posting my interview with Craig J. Baxter in an upcoming blog very soon.

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  1. #1 by Dialdancer on October 21, 2012 - 7:28 am

    A friend was reading me passages from her book. Now mine is on its way. I will post what I got from the book once I have completed my reading. It does promise to be interesting.

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