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The Idle Jabbers … Cuz they’re the backstabbers

How well we know how Michael was used by the media, acquaintances and even “friends” for money.  We fight for justice and see those responsible for his pain are held accountable.  The countless frivolous lawsuits he had to contend with cost him an exorbitant amount of money and in the end his well-being.  Lawsuits are still being handled by the Estate and slowly the children will be able to enjoy what Michael worked so hard for through his blood, sweat and tears.

Now we find a wolf amidst the MJ Community.  The wolf’s name?  Jennifer Jones, who has scammed innocent fans in the past is back at it again.  Please read the links from the MJJustice Project below and heed their words.  They show facts and figures of what this woman has done and continues to do in “Michael’s name” with her “tours” and other scams.

I beg the community DO NO LET THIS WOMAN SCAM THE PEOPLE THAT LOVE MICHAEL WITH ALL OF THEIR HEARTS.  They believe they are getting a “deal” on Jennifer’s escapades while in truth they are getting “left in the lurch” with nowhere to stay or nowhere to go.  She is using MJ’s good name to cheat people of their hard-earned money.  Is this what Michael wanted?  Would he allow this to happen to the people who love him?  I think not. Nor should we.

We must protect one another and it must start now. Shame on you Ms. Jones! I will spread this far and wide and yell from the highest hilltops to show the community who and what you are.

Peace at what cost?

Jennifer Jones/Female 500

Neverland Buy Back Scheme

Brochure for Neverland Project

Sources:  MJJJustice Project


Paparazzi Free Zone for Celebrity Children!

Halle Berry has taken an important step toward the blatant infringement of privacy by the paparazzi when it comes to her child.  She has always made it well known that her 4 year old daughter, Nahla is off limits to the prying eyes of photographers.  In the past few years pictures and video have been publicized of her trying to protect her here child by yelling at photographers after coming out of of a cafe telling them “this is my child” and “back up”.  When they continued to take photos she went back into the building and minutes later police were called and they were told leave.  A month ago photographs were taking shots of her Ms. Berry and her daughter while she was picking her child up from school.  She retaliated with anger and spewed obscenities at them, she has since apologized for her explosion but feels schools should be a photograph free zone.

Halle has decided to take action and is attempting to change the laws of photographing children.

“We are going to figure out what we can do on our local level in Los Angeles to sort of change some laws because it is becoming child exploitation,”

What Halle has called child exploitation has been happening for many years.  The media (paparazzi) have no scruples when it comes to the children of celebrities.  Suri Cruise, Nahla Berry, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s children are hot commodities and can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars. These and so many others children have long been in the public eye from birth.  At some point it has to stop, it truly is an infringement of privacy.

Ms. Berry continues When I open up all these magazines and I see all these children in them. Nahla was just in a magazine and they said, what does she – and I think Gwen Stefani’s kid – have in common? They were both nose pickers and I thought, ‘You know we are stooping to a new low when we prop up our children and exploit them like this.’ And people can’t wait to open up a magazine and see what 4-year-olds are wearing. There is something wrong, fundamentally wrong, with that” 

She has no qualms of the paps taking pictures of her since she knows that is part of her role and job however when it comes to her child or any child she believes that is where it stops.

“Our children should be off limits. They are innocent little babies that should not be exploited all over these magazine. I’m fair game, I get that, but my kids [and] kids at my children’s school should not be harassed like that,” Halle stressed. “It’s just wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong.”

Adding, “When you have these creepy guys with cameras lurking around it’s really hard for parents, myself and other parents, teachers, principals, to discern who’s supposed to be there… it’s just a chaos and a confusion that doesn’t need to surround where little kids play and where they live and what their world is. It’s just not right.”

One can only hope that Ms. Berry succeeds in having some type of law enacted and I say kudos to her for making a strong statement and doing something about these monsters.

When I think of how children of celebrities are “abused” by the media, I must of course look at Michael Jackson’s beloved children, Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson.  Michael tried from birth to keep his treasures protected by veiling and masking them so they could go out in public without him and never be recognized. The media called it strange but I don’t believe Ms. Berry or any other celebrity with children feel that it is now strange at all.  MJ had the perfect plan in my opinion to protect his children from the paps when it came to his kids, hide them from the world and no harm could come to them and maintain the normality that he never had. He also knew that he was “fair game” but his children were not to be part of it.  Being the most famous person in the world took its toll on MJ but his children were well protected.  The man was a genius and the media knew it but they lashed out at him by saying how strange it was.

Prince, Paris and Blanket are hounded by the paparazzi, and the pictures are taken by lenses as long as my arm, usually behind trees, building, etc.  I note that the Paps are most focussed on Paris.  She seems to have the most appeal to these “junkies”.   She is an innocent child and hopefully she will be able to have protection.

One can only pray that a law is enacted to stop these vulchers from feeding off the innocent children of celebrities.



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