To All the Lost Children – Stop Joseph Kony

This is “The Monster we seek”  Joseph Kony

This is "the monster we seek" Joseph Kony

Michael Jackson believed his role in life was to “love and help all children” it was in every fibre of his being, it was in every song he wrote, the lyrics he sang..  Now it is time for us to take the lead.  Please take the time to watch the following video.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO MICHAEL, HUMANKIND AND OUR CHILDREN



Kony’s LRA has kidnapped an estimated 20,000 children for use as fighters or sex slaves. As part of their initiation, these children are often required to kill their own parents, so they’ll have no homes to return to.  Once kidnapped, children are used as pack mules, carrying LRA supplies until they are too weak to walk, at which time they are killed or simply left to die.  Kidnapped boys also serve as targets and decoys, sent to the front lines — unarmed– whenever the Ugandan Army engages the LRA.  Kidnapped girls that Kony or his senior commanders find attractive become their “wives” (Kony is reported to have 60).   Let’s Make JOSEPH KONY a household name and stop this.

Sign the Pledge: kony-4.html

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Heed Michael’s words:

UPDATE: Media is reporting on some of  the controversy of Invisible Children.. Be sure to read these links: Read Pro and Con articles, then YOU DECIDE

Also please look at the Financial Report of Invisible Children before you make up your mind to donate.  You can also spread the information and bring awareness regarding Joseph Kony without donating a dime. Follow your heart.

Other sources:

(Thanks to MJJJusticeProject for the Sources above)

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