A series of unfortunate slanderous events!

Slander cannot destroy an honest man; when the flood recedes the rock is there – Chinese Proverbs

Tom Greens Cyber-Bullied – The Toronto Star January 27, 2012

by Carola Vyhnak

 A “Tsunami of Tweets” with accusations of Pedophilia and sexual depravity has given Tom Green a shocking, first hand experience  with cyber-bullying.

That’s Tom Green the 59-year-old Canadian Humber College Professor, not the 40-year-old comedian and actor.

Professor Green has the twitter handle @TomGreen while the Canadian comic , Tom Green has the twitter handle  @Tomgreenlive.  A  mention of  this fact Wednesday on satellite radio’s Opie & Anthony Show, on which the comedian was a guest, unleashed a “tsunami” of more than 1,000 tweets in 48 hours some with unprintable name-calling and threats to report the older Green “for suspicion of molesting children”, the academic says.

Late Thursday afternoon, the Comedian Tom Green weighed in with an open letter to his namesake, blaming their resptive followers for bullying both of them, since he was getting “horrible emails” too.

“Next time I am in Toronto I would be happy to pop by your class and have a laugh about it” he told Professor Green .

Here is the open Letter to Tom Green (Professor) from Tom Green (Comedian) to attempt to make amends.


Professor Tom Green unbelievably explaining what happened

This morning, around 9:00 a.m. I was subjected to a rather massive cyber-bullying attack that has yet to calm down. Being someone who firmly believes in the free flow of information and opinion on the Internet, my beliefs have become rather strained.

To recap what happened:

• There is a comedian, Tom Green, who every now and then muses about the fact I have the Twitter handle @TomGreen while his is @tomgreenlive and he “wonders” why I won’t give it to him.

• This morning, on the Opie and Anthony show, he raised it again and sort of told people to ask me for it because I would get mad.

• At about 10:00 am, noticing a ton of mentions on Twitter, I was aghast to discover that I was being bullied by people demanding I give up my Twitter handle.

• A couple of minutes later someone posted my phone number and extension at the College where I work and someone else mentioned Opie and Anthony had tried to reach me at that number.

• Realizing this was gathering steam, I immediately contacted my Dean at the College and told him to kill my extension on the College phone system.

• Naturally Tom Green jumps in with a “Who me?” attitude and really does nothing to calm the storm that is hitting my Twitter account.

Here is a link of the show that Tom Green, comedian appeared on 

Start listening rom 2:07:20 to 2:18:22.

As you can hear the unconscionable flood of tweets started to Professor Tom Green as Tom Green the “Comedian” suggested that the Professor was not willing to give up his twitter handle.  The “Shock Jocks” began to encourage their followers to tweet Professor Green and ask him to give Comedian Tom Green his twitter handle. The tweets that began from the followers of the radio station were slanderous, hurtful and could certainly hurt someone’s credibility as a professor in a well-known and distinguished college in Canada.  Professor Green was slaughtered by tweets also from Tom Green the Comedian’s fans.  Professor Green had the twitter handle @TomGreen long before Comedian Tom Green asked for it, when Professor Green refused and it was talked about on the air there began a flood of publicity over what I would consider a minor matter of a twitter name.

Gregg Hughes and Anthony Cumia are the hosts of The Opie & Anthony Show, a talk radio program airing in the United States and Canada on XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Radio. They are based in New York City.

These Shock Jocks continue to bully innocent people whose reputation is “on the line” when threats and calls to his school of child abuse are being made.  This is another truly shameful act of abuse on the airwaves.  It never ceases to amaze me what I will hear next, and who it will be about, it could be you or I next time.  No one is shielded by these atrocities of bullying and slandering.  Just ask Professor Tom Green.

  1. #1 by Tom Green on February 2, 2012 - 3:15 pm

    Wasn’t fun.

  2. #2 by tom green on February 7, 2012 - 3:34 pm

    you love the attention.. shut up

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