Paris Jackson & Airwave Manipulation

“Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast the First Stone”….

It is very disturbing to me that 13-year-old Paris Jackson, Michael’s precious daughter was the little girl caught up in the same old media hoopla that daunted Michael for so many years.

A “snippet” of Paris speaking to Ellen (which will be shown in it’s entirety today on the “Ellen Show”) was shown on the airwaves.  Paris spoke eloquently and lovingly about her father and answered the few questions that we were privy to honestly and maturely.  She spoke about the masks her father had her and her brothers wear and told Ellen she understood as she got older how and why her daddy put them on each of his children;  For their protection.  We  must remember Paris is only 13 and is not savvy with the ways of the media because as everyone knows one innocent slip of the tongue and the media will take it and run with it.  No one knew this better than Michael himself.

The Media and some of Michael’s ”fans” took what she said  and misconstrued it.  Please see the link below and read carefully how MJJ Justice Project meticulously pieced out how the media twisted what Paris said.

This is yet another “turn of the screw” of Michael’s legacy. His precious children’s lives are now being put under the microscope as his was.  We cannot let this happen, his children need to be protected not only by the media but now also by the people who profess their love to Michael.  They resort to name calling and belligerent remarks to Michael’s little girl. Would anyone who loves Michael do this to his children?  I think not.  We must not judge others and we must certainly remember that “we are not without sin”.  Please remember Michael loved his children, they are his legacy and he loved them more than anything else in the world.  It is up to us to keep his legacy protected!

Paris Jackson on ‘The Ellen Show” December 15, 2011 (Full interview)



  1. #1 by Elin on December 15, 2011 - 11:55 am

    IMO, all those “alleged” MJ fans who make negative comments about Michael or his family, are only haters in disguise, who pretend to be themselves MJ fans, in order to “USE THE IDENTITIES OF MJ FANS” to defame Michael. So, I think it is vital that TRUE MJ FANS BE ON THE ALERT, in order to deny these comments and make public that their authorship are not TRUE MJ Fans’, but the haters’.

  2. #2 by Cadeflaw on December 15, 2011 - 2:06 pm

    I don’t know how anyone could have misunderstood what she said. It was very clear to me. She stated that as she became older the use of the masks became clearer, for their protection. I think people choose to twist things because of stinking thinking. It will be tough but they will learn. I applaud them for making the attempt to become what some people call normal. IMHO, I think they had normal lives with their father. How one person defines normal may mean something else to another. Michael knew what he was doing and that very thing he feared has come upon his children. (Job 3:25) For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me. Though the children should not be afraid to step out they must be very careful as all of us should be. Michael, too, was very trusting and it worked against him. He paid too high of a price for his wishes to go unhonored. We must pray that they will be able to stay focused and weather the coming ‘Storms’.

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