We Must Work Together to Stop the Global Airwave Abuse that Continues

Todd Shapiro the other half of the Dean Blundell Show in Toronto blogged about Michael recently after his death.  If you read through it you will see how uninformed and opinionated Mr. Shapiro is about MJ.  Not once does he mention anything remotely positive or true about him.  This is the kind of defamation that we must stop. If you clink on the link below you will also see the hateful comments that the listeners and readers of these stations write, this is typical of this station and The Dean Blundell show and I have been diligently keeping up with their shows and have contacted the proper Canadian Broadcast Commissions to no avail.  (see earlier posts).

This man is cruel, hateful and slanderous however, the airwaves have the control. It is now our time to take the “bull by the horns” so to speak and educate ourselves, no matter how uncomfortable or ugly the things we hear and read may be.  The MJ Global Community must work together to fight this slander and make this “world a better place for you and for me” and especially for Michael Jackson.

Celebrity Dead Pool by Todd Shapiro

Okay, so I don’t wanna’ brag… but I went ON-AIR 2 weeks ago and stated that I thought Michael Jackson would pass away before his summer concerts in London.  In your face Psychic Nikki!  Now, I wasn’t hoping for him to die, however, I just felt like he would hit the dirt due to his constant fragile nature.  He reminded me of Benjamin Button (even though I haven’t seen the movie), as he had a child’s mind wrapped up in an old man’s body.  He died at 50, which seems like an appropriate age as a balance to his mind and body.

Are you upset that the King of Pop has died?  Should we be celebrating the life of someone who accused of such horrible actions?  And while he wasn’t ever convicted of pedophilia, most believe it was odd that he settled many of his law-suits by paying out millions and millions of dollars to the families of the alleged victims.  While I’m on the topic, what parent would let their ‘child’ stay with MJ even after the rumours of his perverted ways were rampant?

Anyway, I don’t want to get too deep (ewww, gross!) into the life and death of Michael Jackson because truthfully, I didn’t know that much about him.  I do know that I LOVED some of his music (yes, I can admit it!!) and that I believed he was a lost soul despite being adored my millions…  Oh, and he clearly was perverted even if he never touched those kids.  NO GROWN MAN SHOULD EVER SHARE A BED WITH A CHILD THAT’S NOT HIS.

So, what are your thoughts on Michael Jackson? What did you love about him?  What did you hate about him?  And most importantly, what jokes can you submit to me about him?  My favourite is:

What’s the difference between Michael Jackson and a Horse Racing Jockey?  It’s legal for a Jockey to mount 3 year olds.

Too soon?

By the way, my favourite Michael Jackson song was ABC… when he was young – and it was okay to hang out with children.

  1. #1 by Cadeflaw on December 12, 2011 - 1:27 pm

    I read the Todd Shapiro blog post on Michael and I must say he is someone of interests. I think what bothered me most is a few of the posters actually told the truth when they called out the “Hypocrites”. It’s one thing to stab a person when they’re living but another to fake so much love for them after they’ve passed on. I wonder how many thousands of people are out there who thought Michael was a pedophile when he was living but once he died they suddenly jumped on the “Oh my goodness MJ is gone” wagon? That’s even sicker than the haters. We have haters and we have REAL HATERS. A REAL HATER is simply a “Hypocrite.” I get you Christina: We must work together to STOP THE GLOBAL AIRWAVE ABUSE and we will. Thanks for posting.

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