MJ Attacked by Brazilian Media – Jabor’s response to fans!

INTERNATIONAL #MJFAM: Arnaldo Jabor‘s not very pleased with our protests…

He talked ONCE AGAIN about Michael during his radio program. Of course someone like him would distort our concerns. Predictable.

Here’s the link: http://cbn.globoradio.globo.com/comentaristas/arnaldo-jabor/2011/12/01/NAO-SUPORTAMOS-PERDAS-SEM-RECEBER-UMA-EXPLICACAO.htm

Here’s the translation:

“My listener friends, yesterday I said here that Michael Jackson’s doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, may have committed mistakes. He may even be the one to blame for his death. He may be. But what I said, and I’ll repeat, is that even if he hadn’t committed a mistake, the public in general needed someone to blame. Friends, we can’t bear things without an explanation, we can’t bear that a genius, an idol of legions of people like Michael Jackson could die, like everyone else. Not die, because he was murdered. But because, visibly, Michael had a wonderful life as an entertainer, but too painful as a person. I said here that astonishingly he wanted to be another person, wanted to have Diana Ross‘ face, and that was the reason he had many plastic surgeries that kept on deforming him. That he wanted to get white, and I even said the most important: Michael Jackson was a homosexual! This! And he didn’t die or lived suffering because he was a homosexual, he suffered because he was forbidden by the show business to come out.
Friends, I’ve received tens of messages and e-mails attacking me because I said he was a homosexual! I fact, I repeat that. It is amazing how people think that’s swearing, a critic on the great genius of dance and music that he was. I said exactly the opposite: that he was obstructed from living his desire, his real personality. I said that his personality was smothered by his artistic life. I’ve never said that he committed suicide or something, only that he started to despair, becoming some kind of Peter Pan, an eternal child without sexuality by media impositions, and who knows, even by his own, I don’t know. Now, in such times when homosexuality is each time seen more as something ordinary, not as a vice or a disease or a sin, when gays are proud of their preferences, when they march in defense of their rights, it is impressive the number of morons who sent me insulting e-mails because I defended Michael Jackson. These people think that being a homosexual is swearing. No! It is a right! These guys who cursed me are either rude macho men, especially for the words in the messages, or they are real gays who are not brave enough to come out. Be brave, you guys who cursed at me. Be brave! Be gays at ease, because gays, usually, are brave. But as I can tell for your messages, I think you’re a bunch of cowards, homophobic people against yourselves. You’ll never reveal your desire.”

Such “intelligent” comeback from a grown up, don’t you think?
Well, he changed his point of view about Murray – yes he did. He did not emphasize Michael’s vitiligo or surgeries anymore.

Realize that he said he was ATTACKED when he was only DEFENDING Michael? He said we’re homophobic only because we said that Michael was not gay. This is not being a homophobic at all.
He called us morons, called the ones who defended Michael homosexuals… I guess he’s the one who has problems with that, cause the only thing he can do is call other people gay.

We did not talk to him in our e-mails only about Michael’s sexuality. We also talked about his idea of “Michael wanted to be white”, “Michael wanted to be like Diana”, “Michael was crazy”, “I don’t know if Murray’s to blame”.
But EVERYTHING he focused on was the homosexuality thing.
Creative, huh?

Important thing? We got to him.

Anyone who finds necessary more protesting (If you’re not a Portuguese native speaker, send your messages IN ENGLISH):

– His personal e-mail: a.j.producao@uol.com.br
– Tweet to: @rede_globo and @g1

My Twitlonger exposing his first attacks:

Source:  Carolyn MJ

  1. #1 by Julie on December 5, 2011 - 2:36 am

    Does this guy NOT understand what he did wrong?!

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