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Michael Jackson Biography on iTunes Tabloid Junk Update

I was disturbed recently by the biography I read of Michael Jackson on iTunes while I was waiting to download MJ Immortal.  It is a very lengthy biography and it discusses Michael’s life in-depth but not in terms of what he did do for the world; his humanitarianism, his love for children and his craft but focussed on the turbulent times of his life, the 1993 allegations and the 2005 trial, plastic surgery and other nonsense.  It is disappointing that one cannot download music of Michael without reading the negative.  This is not a biography but another witch hunt and tabloid scheme to make people who are unaware of Michael’s life believe the worst.  Below is the link to the iTunes biography.

UPDATE:   Thank you to Qbees for providing the information on who wrote this biography.  Steve Huey,  from AllMusic wrote this cookie cutter biography that is used on many websites including iTunes, Yahoo, MTV and Artist Direct.  Please find below the link to the sites that use this biased and untrue biography and comment where possible.

Yahoo Musicbiography

MTV Music:  artist.jhtml

Artist Direct: 448122

Also below are the Apple (who own iTunes) Executives.

Press Contacts:
Steve Dowling
(408) 974-1896

Eddy Cue:  Senior Vice President for Internet Software and Services    Twitter @cue

Phillip W. Schiller:  Senior Vice-President, World Wide Marketing    Email

Tim Cook:  Chief Executive Officer  Email:

Bruce Sewell:  Senior Vice-President and General Council   Email


Artist Direct @ARTISTdirect

Yahoo Music:  @yahoo_music


MTV Music News:   @MTVMusicNews

All Music:  @allmusic

iTunes:  @iTunes

iTunes Music: @iTunesMusic

Sample Twitter:

Would appreciate an accurate bio of Michael Jackson on  iTunes. Please edit.  

Please keep retweeting and emailing this out.  (Please remember to change the name of the website that the biography is on i.e. change tweet from iTunes to MTV).

I urge you to tweet and email them all.  We need to stop this abuse of Michael and change this biography to show his philanthropy, his music and his love for human kind.  We must “raise our voice as one” to speak for Michael who can no longer speak for himself.


Paris Jackson & Airwave Manipulation

“Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast the First Stone”….

It is very disturbing to me that 13-year-old Paris Jackson, Michael’s precious daughter was the little girl caught up in the same old media hoopla that daunted Michael for so many years.

A “snippet” of Paris speaking to Ellen (which will be shown in it’s entirety today on the “Ellen Show”) was shown on the airwaves.  Paris spoke eloquently and lovingly about her father and answered the few questions that we were privy to honestly and maturely.  She spoke about the masks her father had her and her brothers wear and told Ellen she understood as she got older how and why her daddy put them on each of his children;  For their protection.  We  must remember Paris is only 13 and is not savvy with the ways of the media because as everyone knows one innocent slip of the tongue and the media will take it and run with it.  No one knew this better than Michael himself.

The Media and some of Michael’s ”fans” took what she said  and misconstrued it.  Please see the link below and read carefully how MJJ Justice Project meticulously pieced out how the media twisted what Paris said.

This is yet another “turn of the screw” of Michael’s legacy. His precious children’s lives are now being put under the microscope as his was.  We cannot let this happen, his children need to be protected not only by the media but now also by the people who profess their love to Michael.  They resort to name calling and belligerent remarks to Michael’s little girl. Would anyone who loves Michael do this to his children?  I think not.  We must not judge others and we must certainly remember that “we are not without sin”.  Please remember Michael loved his children, they are his legacy and he loved them more than anything else in the world.  It is up to us to keep his legacy protected!

Paris Jackson on ‘The Ellen Show” December 15, 2011 (Full interview)



We Must Work Together to Stop the Global Airwave Abuse that Continues

Todd Shapiro the other half of the Dean Blundell Show in Toronto blogged about Michael recently after his death.  If you read through it you will see how uninformed and opinionated Mr. Shapiro is about MJ.  Not once does he mention anything remotely positive or true about him.  This is the kind of defamation that we must stop. If you clink on the link below you will also see the hateful comments that the listeners and readers of these stations write, this is typical of this station and The Dean Blundell show and I have been diligently keeping up with their shows and have contacted the proper Canadian Broadcast Commissions to no avail.  (see earlier posts).

This man is cruel, hateful and slanderous however, the airwaves have the control. It is now our time to take the “bull by the horns” so to speak and educate ourselves, no matter how uncomfortable or ugly the things we hear and read may be.  The MJ Global Community must work together to fight this slander and make this “world a better place for you and for me” and especially for Michael Jackson.

Celebrity Dead Pool by Todd Shapiro

Okay, so I don’t wanna’ brag… but I went ON-AIR 2 weeks ago and stated that I thought Michael Jackson would pass away before his summer concerts in London.  In your face Psychic Nikki!  Now, I wasn’t hoping for him to die, however, I just felt like he would hit the dirt due to his constant fragile nature.  He reminded me of Benjamin Button (even though I haven’t seen the movie), as he had a child’s mind wrapped up in an old man’s body.  He died at 50, which seems like an appropriate age as a balance to his mind and body.

Are you upset that the King of Pop has died?  Should we be celebrating the life of someone who accused of such horrible actions?  And while he wasn’t ever convicted of pedophilia, most believe it was odd that he settled many of his law-suits by paying out millions and millions of dollars to the families of the alleged victims.  While I’m on the topic, what parent would let their ‘child’ stay with MJ even after the rumours of his perverted ways were rampant?

Anyway, I don’t want to get too deep (ewww, gross!) into the life and death of Michael Jackson because truthfully, I didn’t know that much about him.  I do know that I LOVED some of his music (yes, I can admit it!!) and that I believed he was a lost soul despite being adored my millions…  Oh, and he clearly was perverted even if he never touched those kids.  NO GROWN MAN SHOULD EVER SHARE A BED WITH A CHILD THAT’S NOT HIS.

So, what are your thoughts on Michael Jackson? What did you love about him?  What did you hate about him?  And most importantly, what jokes can you submit to me about him?  My favourite is:

What’s the difference between Michael Jackson and a Horse Racing Jockey?  It’s legal for a Jockey to mount 3 year olds.

Too soon?

By the way, my favourite Michael Jackson song was ABC… when he was young – and it was okay to hang out with children.

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Michael Jackson Biography on iTunes Tabloid Junk

I was disturbed recently by the biography I read of Michael Jackson on iTunes while I was waiting to download MJ Immortal.  It is a very lengthy biography and it discusses Michael’s life in-depth but not in terms of what he did do for the world; his humanitarianism, his love for children and his craft but focussed on the turbulent times of his life, the 1993 allegations and the 2005 trial, plastic surgery and other nonsense.  It is disappointing that one cannot download music of Michael without reading the negative.  This is not a biography but another witch hunt and tabloid scheme to make people who are unaware of Michael’s life believe the worst.  I will be writing a letter to  iTunes and hope people will do the same.

Am currently finding out who writes the biographies for iTunes.


“Public” Airwaves? Not Anymore!

“People write negative things, cause they feel that’s what sells. Good news to them, doesn’t sell” – Michael Jackson.

According to the law the public own the airwaves but unfortunately this has not been a reality for some years.  People get their audio and visual entertainment in different ways now but few of them are on the “public” airwaves. Some watch videos or listen to satellite radio or podcasts on the Internet, which the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has conceded it cannot police. Therefore the public no longer has any control over what is heard or said on radio shows especially the top rated ones.

Airwaves across Canada and the globe continue, on a daily basis to defame Michael Jackson and others who cannot defend themselves.  These radio shows which are generally given peak times in the early morning or late afternoon nab their “catch of the day” whether it be a politician, a celebrity, or a person with a different opinion and they are successful because of  high ratings.   The public gets so used to the drumbeat of slanderous news that it becomes a normal daily routine and they become immune to the degradation of others.  The host of these stations and their “cast of characters” endorse bullying every day and the public accept it.  It is now, unfortunately, part of our culture.

An argument can be made that bad news is cheaper to come by than good news. Remember that the media is out to make a profit. Compare the cost per story for example of a highly rated radio station reporting anything Michael Jackson related whether it is true or false versus reporting on the Special Olympics. By reporting Michael Jackson, you could pick up several stories a day because of his so-called eccentricities. The Special Olympics could take a whole day and may get one story that perhaps, would not even be put on the show it also certainly wouldn’t bring the “comic relief” these shock jocks pounce on to raise their ratings.  However, it would not be beyond their juvenile minds to ridicule even the handicapped. (See the earlier post “Dean Blundell Show Sanctioned by the CBSC”)

This is news as entertainment which is not news at all.  The truth of the matter is sensational news, whether it is true or not is cheaper to report because of the lack of “policing” on the airwaves.  Innuendo and half-truths can be told. What does cost money is research and background checks to find the truth but why bother to do in-depth investigation when they can “sensationalize” and air wave officials can’t do anything about it.

One wonders why the PBS struggle to keep an audience, but the viscous hateful shouting head cable news and “Shock Jock” shows thrive?  It’s the same reason that people still watch UFC and reality shows. It’s the drama of an impending wreck.

When arguments are premised on lies there is no basis for debate.  People end up accepting these half-truths and simply focus on the lies and sensationalism.  Kind and well-meaning people end up being afraid to talk about what they truly believe.  Truth cannot prevail when we have people on radio or TV demeaning and filling the minds of the public with lies.  They rattle and bark and go on and on about things they cannot back up or prove and why do they do this?  For money!  These hosts hone their skills from the “Howard Stern School of Radio Broadcasting”

Public Airwaves?  There is no such thing and it is a shame because we as listeners should demand to have truthful and responsible radio hosts who show respect for their fellow human beings.  The government needs to step up the policing of content on the airwaves and cut the bigotry, slander and defamation.

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MJ Attacked by Brazilian Media – Jabor’s response to fans!

INTERNATIONAL #MJFAM: Arnaldo Jabor‘s not very pleased with our protests…

He talked ONCE AGAIN about Michael during his radio program. Of course someone like him would distort our concerns. Predictable.

Here’s the link:

Here’s the translation:

“My listener friends, yesterday I said here that Michael Jackson’s doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, may have committed mistakes. He may even be the one to blame for his death. He may be. But what I said, and I’ll repeat, is that even if he hadn’t committed a mistake, the public in general needed someone to blame. Friends, we can’t bear things without an explanation, we can’t bear that a genius, an idol of legions of people like Michael Jackson could die, like everyone else. Not die, because he was murdered. But because, visibly, Michael had a wonderful life as an entertainer, but too painful as a person. I said here that astonishingly he wanted to be another person, wanted to have Diana Ross‘ face, and that was the reason he had many plastic surgeries that kept on deforming him. That he wanted to get white, and I even said the most important: Michael Jackson was a homosexual! This! And he didn’t die or lived suffering because he was a homosexual, he suffered because he was forbidden by the show business to come out.
Friends, I’ve received tens of messages and e-mails attacking me because I said he was a homosexual! I fact, I repeat that. It is amazing how people think that’s swearing, a critic on the great genius of dance and music that he was. I said exactly the opposite: that he was obstructed from living his desire, his real personality. I said that his personality was smothered by his artistic life. I’ve never said that he committed suicide or something, only that he started to despair, becoming some kind of Peter Pan, an eternal child without sexuality by media impositions, and who knows, even by his own, I don’t know. Now, in such times when homosexuality is each time seen more as something ordinary, not as a vice or a disease or a sin, when gays are proud of their preferences, when they march in defense of their rights, it is impressive the number of morons who sent me insulting e-mails because I defended Michael Jackson. These people think that being a homosexual is swearing. No! It is a right! These guys who cursed me are either rude macho men, especially for the words in the messages, or they are real gays who are not brave enough to come out. Be brave, you guys who cursed at me. Be brave! Be gays at ease, because gays, usually, are brave. But as I can tell for your messages, I think you’re a bunch of cowards, homophobic people against yourselves. You’ll never reveal your desire.”

Such “intelligent” comeback from a grown up, don’t you think?
Well, he changed his point of view about Murray – yes he did. He did not emphasize Michael’s vitiligo or surgeries anymore.

Realize that he said he was ATTACKED when he was only DEFENDING Michael? He said we’re homophobic only because we said that Michael was not gay. This is not being a homophobic at all.
He called us morons, called the ones who defended Michael homosexuals… I guess he’s the one who has problems with that, cause the only thing he can do is call other people gay.

We did not talk to him in our e-mails only about Michael’s sexuality. We also talked about his idea of “Michael wanted to be white”, “Michael wanted to be like Diana”, “Michael was crazy”, “I don’t know if Murray’s to blame”.
But EVERYTHING he focused on was the homosexuality thing.
Creative, huh?

Important thing? We got to him.

Anyone who finds necessary more protesting (If you’re not a Portuguese native speaker, send your messages IN ENGLISH):

– His personal e-mail:
– Tweet to: @rede_globo and @g1

My Twitlonger exposing his first attacks:

Source:  Carolyn MJ

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Michael Jackson Attacked by Brazilian Media


On Tuesday November 29, 2011 Conrad Murray was finally sentenced. As a result “experts” all over the world started commenting on the judge’s decision.

Later than night in Jornal da Globo (a Brazilian TV station) a famous commentator, Arnaldo Jabor, doubted Murray’s guilt and made derogatory comments about Michael Jackson and his personal life.

Please understand that Rede Globo (the station he works for) is the most important RV channel in Brazil and they hate Michael Jackson.

Here is the link for the video:

Here is the translation:

“I don’t know if Michael Jackson’s doctor is guilty or not.  Even if he made a mistake, I feel that he was already convicted before the trial.  It was necessary that worldwide public opinion found someone to blame.  It would be unbearable for the fans that Michael Jackson had died only because of his personality unadapted to an ordinary life.  He was a genius and suffered a lot with this isolation from normalcy, however, astonishingly, he wantd to be another person.  This is never spoken of but Michael Jackson was a homosexual but show business didn’t allow him to come out, forcing him to be an eternal boy without sexuality.  That made him a kind of black Peter Pan in his Neverland castle.  A black Peter Pan who wanted to be white, bleaching his skin.  A Peter Pan who wanted to be a woman with Diana Ross’ face which he wanted to sculpt in his fact with lots of plastic surgeries that deformed him.  The wonderful figure dancing in the world’s screens replaced his real person.  During these times of sexual liberation, he was one of the few  gays forbidden to declare as one.  Then Michael kept on going crazy as a genius bird leaving us beauty and art, but he devastated himself psychologically in the despair of a fame that extinguished his desire.  That’s what he died from.”

He also said this BS on his RADIO SHOW.

What we Brazilian MJ fans beg is that you help us protest and help us make this ignorant man take it all back and apologize for what he said.

Please, if you’re not a Portuguese native speaker, write your emails in english to:

His personal e-mail:

Tweet:  @rede_globo and @g1

United for Michael Always!


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