The Dean Blundell Show and the Slander of Michael Jackson

“The Dean Blundell Show” has, for many years, slandered the handicapped and the less fortunate. Now Blundell has taken aim at Michael Jackson, his children, and his fans.

The Dean Blundell Show is the longest running morning radio show in the City of Toronto and  is heard nationally.  The call numbers of the station where this show airs is 101.2, The Edge (formerly CFNY).  Please click on the links below and listen to some of the comments made about some of the rational people that e-mailed him regarding his comments about Michael Jackson’s private life and the invasion of his privacy.

I have personally contacted Blundell with some true information regarding Michael Jackson and he responded with two words: “Eat Shit”.

An MJ fan who wrote a very respectful email to Mr. Blundell defending Michael was repeatedly bullied by Blundell and his “cast of characters” with his nasty emails.  She was extremely  patient and gave him facts after his disrespectful comments. He had far more choice words for her after she continued to question where he got certain information regarding Jackson.

Blundell read her email on air and proceeded to mimic and degrade her with his comments on October 3, 2011.   Please listen; beginning at 15:30 and hear what he had to say about her after defending Jackson.

To me this is not only about Michael Jackson, but people in general and the disrespect Blundell shows.  There is truly something wrong with a person who makes jokes about the dead and also degrades someone just because of her opinion.  He lacks, decency, morality and has no respect for human life.  No one is beyond his tackiness and dishonesty.

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  2. #2 by Buncos on November 24, 2011 - 4:55 pm

    Pity I thought the major nicks were on this side of the border.

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